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  • I don't mind your preferences, though, man: I just get bored with the obsession with Ash's battles these sagas-- I like it more when he demonstrates actual character and emotion than when he solely battles, though, so that's just me.

    No worries: May just sounds like a hooker to me the whole episode, so it kinda kills the emotion for me dubbed-- would've liked it more if Veronica Taylor voiced her there since her May sounds like a 10 year old girl lol.
    Michele Knotz's May is just too damn hot/sexy and old sounding for me-- I get uncomfortable listening to it haha.
    It was the one where they went to that town where everyone worshiped Maike (May) and Max, and they hated Ash just because he wanted to challenge Norman.

    I like all of Hoenn more than all of BF lol: Hoenn had a lot more emotion in it and was goofier/more funny as well-- I kinda prefer that kind of stuff to the more serious, flatter tone of BF, if that makes sense.

    BF was really hit or miss to me: we had some good eps like "Sweet Baby James" and "Time Warp Heals All Wounds" (I watched the latter Eng subbed in JPN a second time since I can't stand Michele's prostitute May voice even if it does sound hot and sexy as hell-- not right for a little girl to me lol), but for that we had absolute crap episodes like "Three Jynx and a Baby," "King and Queen for a Day," and "Strategy Tomorrow, Comedy Tonight!"

    Eh, BF and DP are some of my least favorite arcs, but that said, I do think they're both better than Da! and XY, for sure.
    Well no matter what i say and how many examples i give you will still probably think Misty was "terrible" in Johto( i think she was legitimately fun being girl which got in clash with TR, scolded Brock about romance and had rivaslry with Ash). Though since you never watched whole Johto you probably don't know half of things she did there.

    p.s. In other news how you feel about Bonnie?
    Yeah. Though i have primeval cellphone from times when you couldn't acces internet via them lol. Its prehistoric hahaha.

    p.s. Oh i just noticed in your last message how you readed one of my long posts in Misty thread after all. Hope it wasn't too much of boredom to go through it and that you understood what i said? :p
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