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Pokegirl Fan~
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  • [ Chespin fan? Probably Lizardon lol JK and omg who doesn't want Froakie to evolve? People are weird .. ]
    [Then the unevolved one are punching bags like Oshawott. :p
    Well he injected Kabuto's thing into her when she was defenseless and then touched her inappropriately. xD]
    [IKR? Funny thing is Pikachu is already evolved and Ash's best Pokemon is fully evolved so yeah. xD
    I remember Sasuke did some nasty things to her when she was unconscious. xD]
    Yikes... I'm just a tad bit surprised my car still worked after sitting out in the cold. It's not ancient, but 2006 has been over for 8 years
    [Do you like how evolution is portrayed in the anime?
    Me too. Her attire was interesting if you get what I mean. lol]
    Yeah :3 and Emolga's voice actor was the same one that did Ash's Chikorita, OS Jigglypuff and Tracey's Marill
    [It would be a waste of time if he didn't imo. Especially considering how all his other unevolved water types are failures in comparison to his Fire and Grass types.
    Yep. xD She's been MIA ever since Kabuto injected her with some crazy fluids about 200 chapters ago.]
    No it's not. It's darker in the anime kinda like a very light brown.
    I'm fine with Iris wininng. It's a nice way to develop her goal, and her Dragonite was awesome
    Air headed traits, immaturity, and occasionally being annoying. But if it weren't for these, Bianca would be a suitable girlfriend. Anyways...the following results;

    Lol give her a coat or something :p
    I like the gloden one a lot too! I like it more than her anime hair
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