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  • Really? I haven't watched them, I don't watch the anime anymore, only now and then if I'm home when it airs in Japan and there is nothing to do.
    Mostly rant on and on about how their favorite girl didn't. Stuff like that. Anyway I have to signed off for awhile. Nice chatting with you. See you later.
    Not all of them. There are a good number of May and Dawn fans, myself being one of them. It's also not May's fault this happened. There were no new quest in DP for Dawn to do. If the Pokethon thing was there things might have been different.
    Sorry for always sounding so negative on the anime. I don't hate Ash overall, I just don't like his BW self, not hate though, dislike. I still really love AG Ash and I have to admit I wasn't a fan of DP Ash but thanks to Best Wishes Ash, I realize how good he was to. I see your a real fan of Dawn's. Not sure she would ever do the gyms but I have to say, even though I enjoyed her contest quest, coming after May really hurt her character.
    Team Plasma was one of the few things in Best Wishes I was looking forward to, just another reason not to watch, still They probably would have ruined N anyway so maybe that's no so bad. If Ash win's I probably wouldn't care. This is the one region where I truly dislike him so for this loser version of him to win where his AG and DP selves couldn't, would sort of upset me, but he is long overdue so it is rather hard to be upset about that.
    Sorry if my reply is a little late. I had to step out for a second. I guess that's true. Sadly I'm not even looking forward to that. It's going to take something really new and fresh to get me into the Pokemon anime again.
    I don't think that's it but at least they are making good use of her theme. So they did Elesa already? Wow I had no idea.
    No I didn't. I don't watch episodes I'm not interested in, anymore. Sadly this was one of them. Did you see it? Was it good, worth watching perhaps?
    Ikarishipping could never work. It would be a very unhealthy relationship for both of them. Still the idea is fun to think about every once in awhile.
    Not really, no. I'm not really into serious shipping. But I admit I did read a few Ikarishipping fanfics. Guilty pleasure.
    yeah me too. I know there's a lot of Dawn fans like me, that wanted Dawn to win.
    is just not fair. and you know what, they give the grand festival next week on C/N.
    though I like the battle between, her and Ursula.
    what do you mean? have you seen Pokemon for like the past weeks? they already showed the last galactic battles episode, which was Ash catching gible.
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