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  • like what? what obviously worries me, Dawn going up against Iris that's all.
    and I hate to see the writers screw Dawn up again, I'm still mad about the grand festival.
    and I want Dawn back in the anime, but I wanna see her in a show/series of her own.
    I would hope for a low percent chance, that Dawn will appear in BW.
    and sorry to say this, but I doubt Dawn for appearing in BW.
    yeah. especially that blue dress where, she has on like a straw hat or something.
    but really the entire dress is SO BEAUTIFUL, and she so pretty it.
    I know right. they're all so cool and pretty, I like the tuxedo one. both the one from her dream when she started her journey, and then the greenish tuxedo that had like a big bow or ribbon on the side. but I like the one wear Dawn wore a top-hot, she looked so darn cute.
    I see.Hints are good.By any chance do you know where to find the Dawn special with English subtitles ? Wish it was out in English but subtitles will have to do for now.
    I don't mind that actually. They are staying true to the game of gen 5. I think we'll see them again someday, just not now so don't worry. My beef is just with Ash and this alone turn's me off to the entire BW anime series. Sounds silly but I can't ignore it. Ash is a joke now. They should have ended his story years ago and send him off as a awesome and powerful trainer that AG and DP set him up to be. I mean how long are they going to show the same crap over and over again with Ash? Is he really that stupid that he has to take it in these little steps? I don't know people can stand BW Ash. I really can't. That's why I don't post in the anime section very often anymore. I think Cilan and Iris are both fine characters, but Ash needs to go! Either acknowledge the fact that he's a five year veteran trainer or get rid of him already! He should be a role model for trainers like Trip now, not be their punching bags. You see why I never post in the anime section anymore?
    That coma theory is quite popular in Pokemon. I wouldn't mind it, if it meant new characters and stories for the future of Pokemon. I crave something new from Pokemon.
    I do like May as a character. Cyber tends to favor her which makes teasing the idea all the more fun. As for the AG thread, I don't know. Really doesn't matter at this point since AG is near ancient now.
    Probably half and half. Regardless they are always fun to reply on. Whenever I see a Cyber thread I can't help myself and I got and post on it. Whenever he does a Misty or Dawn topic, I always add a little May jab in there just for fun XD
    I see. Yeah Cyber does that. Have to admit without him this place would be boring. Still I feel myself becoming less and less of a Pokemon fan, anime wise.
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