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  • I do like May as a character. Cyber tends to favor her which makes teasing the idea all the more fun. As for the AG thread, I don't know. Really doesn't matter at this point since AG is near ancient now.
    Probably half and half. Regardless they are always fun to reply on. Whenever I see a Cyber thread I can't help myself and I got and post on it. Whenever he does a Misty or Dawn topic, I always add a little May jab in there just for fun XD
    I see. Yeah Cyber does that. Have to admit without him this place would be boring. Still I feel myself becoming less and less of a Pokemon fan, anime wise.
    Oh. I don't hate Iris. She's okay just not my type of character as I quickly have grown bored with her development. Best Wishes doesn't really have any characters I can grow to like on a personal level like DP did. Bianca is the only one I find interesting if only because her character has so much potential to go through massive developments yet they aren't using the chances. By the way do you know which episode had Dawn's theme in it?
    I don't know about any of that. Dawn appearing, I wouldn't get my hopes up high. If she appears it's fine, if not at least she got the special. As for the haters, ignore them. Being a member of several different fanbases I know how to avoid haters and when to pick my spots for combat. Many of the people who loved DP when I first joined are gone now so it's a new fanbase. I have to say Serebi really doesn't enforce the character bashing rule. Almost tempts me to go out and bash a character just to see if they do something about it. Of course then my common sense tells me otherwise.
    Hey, what's up? Do you still follow the Pokemon anime? I haven't been following for almost a month now. I feel like such a outsider coming on Serebi these days.
    I'm at school that time, but yeah I got those Pokemon. Hoenn starters, Castform, and Plusle are what I need
    Cool.Are you going to change just Brocks personality to what he was like 1st or more characters personalities?
    Yes loved it.Funny when Ash says "Dawn" and Dawn is surprised by it when he calls her that.Curious as to what kind of Pokemon they will catch too. ^.^
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