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  • Yep. xD
    Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo revealed that if Phineas and Ferb did ever get busted, parents will be outraged at their "recklessness"
    and will overreact, get any form of creativity banned and eventually child-proof kids until they're adults. xD

    Dan Povenmire and Swampy Marsh got to perform the final song of the series, live.
    Curtain Call/Time Spent Together
    Yeah. xD
    Lmbo. Reaction Videos are the best. xD

    Just watched the Phineas and Ferb series finale, Last Day of Summer. Doofenshmirtz (at least for now) has given up being evil,
    and Candace still never busted her brothers. xD

    The series concludes with Phineas and co. going back inside to have some pie,
    but not before Phineas waves goodbye to the audience before closing the door.
    Yeah. I got a pretty good friend on YouTube who's an Astros fan, so he and I have been keeping up with both sides of the postseason.
    Yup. Dragon Ball Super had a very weak start and the animation issues dropped the show's ratings for a while and the Digimon Tri Movies are just getting worse. At least in TDSoD's case it seemed that the writers put actually an effort there and it kinda helps that the mangaka was involved. xD
    Yeah xD I bet he did and maybe Kisara as well. xD
    Yeah let's cross our fingers for now. A YuGiOh! movie was the best idea that Toei had those last years. xD
    LOL since this story takes 4 years later and Kaiba is back it makes sense. xD But I would like to know if he finally managed to beat Atem in a duel fair and square. xD
    Let's hope for that. The mangaka has expanded the story further after Kaiba's trip in the afterlife so they could implement this into another movie. xD
    And that's the reason which make everything so contradicting and implausible. The more the Anime insisted this is part of a single giant unique continuity, the less I can continue to suspend my disbelief.

    Besides, if a story is well-written and well-constructed with events logically flowing one after another, why does it requires any past reference and nostalgia elements in its plot? I can't help but have this feeling of SM could do just fine on its own without mentioning any past events of Ash and without returning of Misty and Brock. In fact it was those nostalgia elements that urged me to markdown SM.

    But yet, I wasn't viewing SM that negatively. Besides the above criticism, I still appreciate the Pokemon Anime attempted in a story format that was completely different from any previous sagas, which makes any future events unpredictable, hence somehow tempting the audience to sit through the show continuously. Despite exaggerated facial memes and vulgar gag slapstick comedy is not my cup of tea, it does make me think what is the most appropriate genre this show could be. Battle and adventure and evil-VS-good heroic story was done in the past, but does this mean that is the only thing Pokemon Anime should do in future for eternity? I always doubted it, hence I appreciate the staffs this time in having the guts in such big change of direction where trying something outside-the-box. Though, of course, it is still a debatable controversial issue whether such intensive change is good or not.
    LOL wtf? I have seen way better and meaningful anime fights than this and I didn't even act like that. xD
    Korrina says i'm very strong for a girly girl too and she's so happy i never ended up in the hospital even once this year :) today was the closest i came to it, though. Some meanie was trying to make me think that girlyness was no good at all....but then i read this;
    And talked to raichu. I'm okay now^^ and i'm leaving sanriotown for good.
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