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  • Comparing SM to XY(&Z) is like comparing dollars to doughnuts, two completely incomparable items, and I think it is unfair too, because basically everything is different. Only the fact that this is a Pokemon-based Anime and having a character named (not behaved like) Ash Ketchum being the protagonist remains the same, and there exists a few characters whose name and character design and some background is the same as those past characters from OS saga.

    That's why I tried to view SM as a standalone series on its own instead of treating it as part of a whole continuous gigantic continuity.
    It was really a long time since the last time we had any talk...... I still came to Serebii occasionally to check any new Pokemon info and for any new discussion where I can participate. But I found such threads less and less, to the point of I couldn't post anything for weeks or even months. To be fair, not yet mentioning the Serebii mod's unwritten law of no controversial topics and no ranting allows. That's why I stayed most of the time at another Pokemon forum instead.

    How do you feel about the latest SM saga? I guess this should be your cup of tea because I remember you mentioned in the past you wanted equal screen time between each main characters and interesting fillers. Hey, also Misty return! Glad for you.

    But unfortunately SM is not my cup of tea.
    Korrina: *smirk's* Lets have a battle trio. :3 The winner chooses where we date today~<3
    Me: YOU'RE SO ON OMG <3 *send's out my sylveon* Send out your meinfoo i know its a girl lol and my sylveon also likes kissing other girls just like i do :3
    Korrina: Hehe. What? Does it know a kissing move? *send's out meinfoo* She's ready to take you on too :p
    *give's korrina a glittery heart shaped box of chocolate truffles :3* *open's it and places one in her mouth*

    Korrina's already just so pretty as she is :3 and she already dresses plenty girly for a tomboy xD The dress and the long hair haha nuff said :3 Even girlyer when she has her sunglasses^^

    I may go soon i feel all hyper. I think watching my bro game might knock me out of it.
    Thanks :3 Korrina like's when i wear make up. I don't think she needs any herself tho^^ she's already super pretty as her tomboyish roller skating loving self :3 Wahhh~
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