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Last Activity:
Apr 24, 2012
Sep 6, 2010
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shiny collector

pokegirl123 was last seen:
Apr 24, 2012
    1. Biosci
      No thanks :)
    2. pokegirl123
      starting trade shop... should be done soon :3
    3. Nikator
      Is your Victini still up for grabs? What are you after for it?
    4. Budew
      No I don't =/

      I just messaged you saying I do just to mess with you
    5. pokegirl123
      shiny update:
      shiny umbreon
      shiny mew
      shiny sneasel
      shiny pichu (Gamestop)
      shiny gyarados
      shiny tyranitar
      shiny metagross
      shiny suicune
      shiny nidoking
      shiny milotic
      shiny shuckle
      shiny charizard
      shiny totodile
      shiny rayquaza
      shiny rapidash
      shiny dragonite
      shiny electivire
      shiny crobat
      shiny golem
    6. Budew
      I have a Shiny Lapras mate
    7. pokegirl123
      MMing and DW ^.^ hopefully something good turns up.
    8. pokegirl123
      MMing squirtle -.-
    9. Hpboy7
      ok pm me then
    10. Hpboy7
      didn't know you didnt have white, and sorry zorua isn't 4 trade, unless i can get another one
    11. Hpboy7
      would you trade for any of them for your real shaymin?
    12. Hpboy7
      axew-calm, litwick- quirky, suicune-relaxed,entei-adamant,raikou-rash, charizard-lonely, raquaza- hardy, floatzel-brave, gyarados- quiet, zorua-jolly, umbreon-adamant
      these are all my shinis. plus i have a couple zouas, a phione, a yanmega too and a shiny lucario
    13. Bastian
      Yo Bestie! Of course I remember you. How can you forget your bestfriend lol. Gen V is going pretty well. Got all of the legends so I'll probably try getting some shinies next. How about you?
    14. pokegirl123
      back in business :P PM me for deals and such. :) open for trades! i'll try to be on a lot more regularly ;)
    15. Bastian
      Happy holidays Bestie,
      It's a site where you hatch pokemon by getting other people to click on your eggs and then level them up by clicking. There's other stuff you can do too. It's just my way of keeping busy till Generation V is released. How about you though? Any awesome trades recently?
    16. Team Legend's Dragonite
      Team Legend's Dragonite
      Well I don't have any shinys other than my crown suicune so let me kno of any other pokemon you may need
    17. Team Legend's Dragonite
      Team Legend's Dragonite
      any thing you are looking for in particular wont trade events for just that sorry but let me know
    18. Team Legend's Dragonite
      Team Legend's Dragonite
      hey just wondering if you still had that shiny chimchar for trade
    19. Bastian
      Yo bestie,
      Haven't done too much trading. Got some more shinies which is always nice. I started pokefarm.org though, I've become pretty addicted to that lol.
      Nice hearing from you
    20. pokegirl123
      i'm back :D and up for shiny trading again! pm me with your offers :P
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    soul silver fc ~0303 4542 6412~ shiny collector, pm me with offers.