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  • Hey, I love your Pearlshipping wiki! ^^

    I´ve got couple Dawn hints for you.

    1) In Pruning a Passel of Pals Ash couldn´t get any sleep, so he tried to sneak out for a walk without telling anybody.
    Dawn immediately rushed after him and asked where he was going. Again, it could´ve been May, Brock or Zoey, but it was Dawn. This further enforces the impression Dawn being so detached to Ash´s presence and worrying his well being, that she must immediately start fussying about his goings.

    2)Later in the same episode, when Ash returned from the lake and frantically tried to explain everybody what he had seen, Dawn and Piplup teased him by giving him a gentle bubblebeam. Dawn had a mischievous expression on her face while they did it. ;)
    Good evening. No need to worry about me; I've been in the middle of pondering some key components influencing my overall interest in Pearlshipping -- and Pokémon. How are you... and if I may be curious, how's that Pearlshipping wiki you were talking about?
    Your DP124 pics don't work, nor do they show up. If you got them from pocketmonsters.net, then that's probably why. Please find a different way to post your pics, and since you posted more than three, you need to put them in spoiler tags.
    Thank you
    hey pokegirl, well I do like that Idea of a pearl Wiki. mainly alot of hints are listed in bulba but some of them are fake hints until other wise proven true with the original episode. The wiki could also have episode hints and only certain people can edit, not everyone. ~tell me if you need any other help
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