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Last Activity:
Jun 4, 2011
Aug 12, 2007
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Hikarifan, from canada

Pokegirl16 was last seen:
Jun 4, 2011
    1. PKLegendHeroe
      Well im ok and not afraid to post on the thread, it just that there is really nothing to post. well although the thread wont close it just that we got mostly carried away. So dont worry about any and I decide to change some rule, the first post layout, and one of the members will have to go. I cant say who but I think if we are going to change in the thread, then this member has to go. Its not you so dont worry
    2. foxkrystal
      Umm. . . your post wasn't able to show the two pictures, its got an "x" on them. Mind if we have a link to those pictures instead please? Thank You ^-^
    3. Pokegirl16
      that is true people around the world should have personalities like Ash and Dawn Im sure the world would be a better place in the meantime we have to prevent the pearlshipping thread from getting closed down I mean we have 100 more posts to go untill 2000 posts
    4. ccangelopearl1362
      Hello, Pokegirl16. It's me. No need to worry about me. I would simply like to see if you're doing well. You may have seen my most recent post on the Pearlshipping thread, and perhaps the time has come to reveal the force inspiring my alliance with you Pearlshippers. Pearlshipping is part of my larger interest in... 21st century international politics, as I told Sonic Boom. I am persuaded that if more people were as cheerful and confident about themselves and each other as Ash and Dawn are and have been, then this planet would be a happier, better place for humankind. Thus, I sincerely hope that you, sweetpikachu, and the other Pearlshippers here maintain your optimism that Ash and Dawn can work as a couple, helping and encouraging each other to be the best Pokémon trainers they can be.
    5. Hihiroshi
      Hi I send you a friend request. I hope we can be good friends. I will se you on the Pearlshipping thread.
    6. sweetpikachu
      He did kill the Pearlshipping Thread. After what he did, no one posts anymore. Not even PKLegendHeroe will post. That's how bad it was. I'm scared that the thread
      is going to get closed for inactivity. And of course, since the mods pretty much
      hate us, they're not going to let us start another thread. So if this thread gets
      closed, it's bye-bye Pearlshipping for us. Someone's gotta do something about
    7. sweetpikachu
      I think he did. He apologized for it. But go see my visitor message for him... You'll probably be entertained... >=D
    8. Pokegirl16
      We gotta get those pearlshippers back to the thread did Sonic Boom do this on purpse???
    9. sweetpikachu
      I think people actually are afraid to post in the Pearlshipping Thread after what Sonic Boom did. Oh god, this sucks out loud.
    10. Pokegirl16
      lolzz im great just finding out good posts to post on the thread i don't want to contribute it to becoming a chatroom
    11. YoungKat
      Hi! how r u? See u on the thread:)
    12. Pokegirl16
    13. YoungKat
      Hi! Is it OK I sent you a friends request? I hope we can be friends. :) See u on the pearlshipping thread!
    14. Yuppirox
      hello there:] how r ya?
    15. Yuppirox
      Hey there!;p I accepted your request! See ya 'round!~
    16. Pokegirl16
      In photobucket in PIPLUP101's profile I think
    17. sweetpikachu
      Thanks for accepting my friend request!!!
    18. sweetpikachu
      I saw what ya posted in the shipping pic thread! OMG it is sooo cute!! Where did ya find it!!! I know it's fake, but I would SCREAM THROUGH A MEGAPHONE
      if it was real!!
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