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  • 1. No, Rattata will not improve it. You'll just have more frequent encounters.
    2. Modest on Ampharos.
    I just catch all of the ones that I see. There are 5 natures that are totally useless so if any of those are missing from your collection, you can just forget them. After about 1.5 hours, I caught all the popular ones and I'm missing 5 others. But I have Timid, Modest, Adamant, Jolly, etc.
    I like to perfect those Pokemon that I care for. It's an accomplishment for myself and to them. I must have stated this 10 times already, but you can breed with a Ditto holding an Everstone. And the baby will have the nature that Ditto had. So getting nature isn't hard. The hard part may be to get those Dittos, but they can be found really early in the game. I believe you can get them near the patch of grass just before Goldenrod. I don't have my game, so I can't 100% confirm that, but I'm pretty sure that's right.

    As for EV training, I find them not too bad. I generally beat the game first and then go for nature and EV. EV training may seem tiresome but it's not too bad. The hardest part is keeping track of how many EV each Pokemon have. I usually give Exp. Share to 5 other Pokemon and give the first Pokemon an EV-enhancing item that lowers their speed, but adds a +4 EV to the respective stat. That way, I can train the first one quickly and slowly add up the other 4 in my party. Once the first one is finish training for that stat, I switch them out and since the other 4 already started, it doesn't take long to max them out.

    This only works with Pokemon that have similar EVs. Most use Timid with 252 Sp. Attack / 252 Speed. Most Pokemon will have Speed EV. But you can figure that out. Just put Pokemon that want to EV train common stats in your party. And if you don't want a Pokemon with a certain stat, take off the Exp. Share.
    Nah, you can keep the Espeon. I don't need it. I caught the Eevee just for you. I'll be ready in 20 mins. I just caught the Eevee. A tad harder to get her from Backlot.
    I mean Espeon. I'm losing it lol. You get your female Growlithe and I'll get you your male Espeon.
    I wish that I knew. I'm living at school right now and my HeartGold is at my house. I only have Platinum with me at the moment.

    I wonder if you can trade between Platinum and HeartGold. I can get you a male Espeon with Morning Sun and you can breed him with a female Growlithe.
    It's best to ask in the thread because different people offer good advice. I'll post my suggestions there in a bit.
    It hasn't changed from my rates in the other thread. :) Two moves of the same type doesn't give you good coverage. And Hypnosis + Dream Eater combo may sound nice, but Hypnosis's inaccuracy can bring you down.
    I haven't played my HeartGold in a while so I don't know. I currently am playing Platinum. There's tons of Starly around.
    Yes. You can leave it out for now. By the time you care to breed it, you have better options in Staraptor.
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