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  • I don't recall yo I mentioning that, but I looked it up and if u do like her, u must be a cutie patootie. Lol XP Yes I know anime crushes are common; so common it's a stereotype that anime fans are fat virgins who can't get a date so they settle for hentai and body pillows of their "waifus". To me, shy is shy. :p not that it matters irl anyway. :/

    You gotta know what your talking about if you want people to see it from your side; not that it means anything to the crybabies in their safe space echo chambers, but to someone like u who is not brainwashed, you may learn something you probably weren't aware of. Also since your not from America I had to go into detail to give U an idea of how American politics work. :p I forget important things too. Often times I'll go to the store and then be like "dang it! I forgot something! Oh well I'll get it next time." My mind goes on tangents also; I think that's common among oddballs like us. :p
    Well I'm going by my physical appearance when I say I'm like Conway. And I'm not rude to my friends, but to people I don't really know I usually give the cold shoulder to them. I knew it! XD lol jk. I'm not one to judge, since I have anime crushes too.XP if going by perosnalityid go for someone shy, since I'm shy irl. But I don't watch enough anime to know off the top of my head characters like that.

    She got the popular vote, the electoral vote picks the president, which trump won 306-232. This isn't the first time this has happened but the special snowflakes are so accustomed to getting their way after 8 years of obama that they don't know how to handle losing. Without the electoral college, then California and New York would dictate everything for the rest of the country, which is not fair. If you break it down by county rather than state, you'll see the map is about 80% red (republican) and 20% blue (democrat). The red areas are usually rural with few people, while the blue ones are usually urban cities with tons of people in like 6 areas in the country. That's part of why it's not all about the popular vote; cause then the big states would bully the smaller states into things they may not want; why should California and New York get to dicide for the other 48 states? Yeah the electoral college isn't perfect either (California still gets too much say with 55 votes there), but it's the one that tries to be the fairest to smaller states.
    Well I would describe myself as a mix of Conway (since I tend to creep people out) clemont (since I'm a nerd who can't talk to girls) and Paul (since I'm a jerk most of the time). You say u wouldn't choose ash, but I recall on your tumblr for a while there was all sorts of stuff about ash and being all fangirly over him. XP and I figured in alola there'd be all sorts of fan service (for girls and guys) due to taking place in a tropical paradise. XD the person I would choose if talking just Pokémon, would be misty, cause I'll just be blunt; redheads are hot. XD lol if we talk about other anime I dunno for sure who I'd pick though. .__.

    Well like I said elections are just lesser of 2 evils, it thing is trump has been in the public eye since the mid 80s, and everyone seemed to love him....until he decided to go against Queen Hillary, who was supposed to just walk right in without any opposition at all, but trump (and his supporters) had other plans. You'd think since it's over everyone would move on but nope. There's been "protests" nonstop since the election (they call them protests but they're more like riots) and now there trying to do a recount, specifically in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania because trump won in those states. This is all very ironic cause Hillary supporters attacked trump for weeks over his claim that he may not accept the outcome of the election, but now that trump won its hillarys people who won't accept the outcome, and are basically throwing a tantrum and will keep demanding recounts until Hillary wins cause it's a generation of speacil snowflakes who've never been told no and are so entitled and also think they're SO oppresssed when they don't even know how good they have it or rather won't admit it since many said they'd leave the country if trump won but now refuse to leave. Sorry for the ranting but I hate the fact that due to being the same age as many of these people I get lumped in with them even though I'm nothing like them.
    Ok, I'll put it like this; your like a combination of Bianca and Shauna; your like Bianca since u seem like a ditz, and like Shauna due to being overly friendly to almost everyone, and I'll throw in a teensy bit like gardenia, since when something comes along that u obsess over your all "omgz!!! *multiple fangasms*" XP so that's why you like ash so much; cause he's not muscular compared to some guys in the franchise like kukui ,or professor fan service as some would dub him. XP

    Most of the news people hated trump and wanted Hillary to win. Even though the news is supposed to be neutral and not take sides, with this election they just couldn't hide their contempt for trump and went all out on him, even though he's been in the public eye for 30+ years and NOBODY seemed to have any issue with him until he decided to run for president. Your welcome. :3
    Ya. Your like a combination of cloud cookoolander and manic pixie dream girl. XP really? I figured you'd most be looking forward to kukui, like most fangirls. XD lol jk

    Nope. If u hear something on the news politics wise, 9 times out of 10 it's the other way around.its really hard to trust the media if your not following the right outlet. Glad your relieved. *pats u on the head* :p
    Just had to go through a lot of clashes & all done aha. oh ok goodluck :). Have you been seeing xyz series? Armour is connon.
    Ash has run his course. They should've switched it up each generation. The main things I look forward to is Lillie, who's just adorable, and mallow who's a derpy-derp, kinda like u. Lol jk don't hate meh. XP

    I think the world dodged a bullet. Hillary would've started ww3 with Russia, while trump seems to want to work with Russia to avoid conflict. Also, watching social justice warriors meltdown online is hysterical. XD
    That was my though as well, that the fandom has broken. I think they should just end ash at this point and either start from scratch or make anime based on spinoff games. Ya it all depends on how much u invest emotionally into it. Unfortunately I don't have a way to reach her anymore. :(

    I understand how u feel, but elections are basically the lesser of 2 evils. I wouldn't feel too sad about obama stepping down; if he ends up doing like the clintons have, he'll be throwing his opinion on everything for the rest of his life, and since he's only like 55, and politicians tend to live (almost) forever, you'll be hearing from him for the next 30-35 years anyway.
    Well I watch it also! My fave alongside Flash and other hero shows! But not only I watch TWD, I read it's comics and play its games ^^
    Ya it sux. $200 to replace what I lost. The episode I'm talking about involves Serena giving ash a kiss as the xy crew go their seperate ways. U don't see the physical kiss, but based on clemont and Bonnie's reaction, and ash standing there like a derpy-derp afterwards, let's just say the fandom is gonna undergo another major division. Ya my friend is hardcore pokeshipper. As fans, we all invest something into Pokémon, some more than others, and then there's shipping which is a whole nother can of worms, but my friend is the biggest pokeshipper I know, and has been dealing with issues on and off ever since misty left the group. We were close for a long time, but in the last couple years we've lost contact. :(

    Yes. November 8; Election Day as it's known, but I call it judgment day, as the future of humanity is on the line, imo. I'm all in for Donald Trump (plz don't hate meh), Hillary Clinton is evil incarnate, she's under investigation over handling of classified info and will start world war 3 if she gets into power. Not to mention she's ruined her husbands legacy (which would likely be better if the clintons retired from public life after bills time was up) and she just refuses to go away. Everything leaning in trumps direction right now, but Hillary believes she's entitled to the presidency and will take it by any means necessary, as many believe she's gonna try to rig the election. How I dunno but someone evil like her will try.
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