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  • It's been a roller coaster. My 3ds'es disappear with no explanation so I gotta get a new one, were less than a week from Judgment Day, and then there's the Pokémon xyz episode that's broken Pokémon and making me worried sick over a friend whom I have no way to reach anymore.
    Phew. Talk about romantic fireworks. Anyway, I dissected the kiss and thought it more oriented toward the future with regard to Serena's overall demeanor. She doesn't know what other kinds of trouble she and Ash will likely encounter in the future, so that kiss of hers was, I think, her fullest attempt yet at making Ash aware of her affection, quite the contrast with Pearlshipping's flow in my overarching scenario thus far. How are you?
    Sorry for the late reply!

    Awesome! Same. Where else would you like to go?? Thank goodness!! Hm yeah, I hear tornadoes and other stuff go on there quite a bit. We should be lucky we get rain all the time. ^^; Oh yeah, it snows a lot in Canada right?? I like it too, I like well, cooling weather, somewhere in the middle. xd I like cold more than hot though.

    I know but this time the forum went in and out every time I tried to post lol due to the servers fixing! D:
    Yeah, please don't be reckless with the game. I don't wanna hear about you getting hurt cause u weren't paying attention.

    Yeah like 2/3 of the players seem to be team mystic, 20% is roughly for team instinct and valor makes up the rest. I'm not far enough to be on a team but I'll choose team valor, cause I've been an outcast all my life; wynaut have it apply to Pokemon as well now? Also red is my favorite color :p
    Cool! :D I'm not very far yet cause the game requires u to walk and it's too hot where I am to do so for very long. Also sunlight is my mortal enemy so yeah. :p

    Can someone explain to me why everyone wants to be team mystic? What's the point of defending gyms from opposing teams if there's only one team that everyone is on?
    Really? Would you like to travel the world too? :eek: Yeah, hopefully we get to in the future! Oohh.... o_O I was going to say it sounds cooling but that sounds terrible! I hope you're ok. What kind of weather do you like?

    Ps. It looks like I posted while the servers are fixing. >>;
    Yeah xD. And Narutos mom freaking out over jiraiya training him because she doesn't want him to pick up his bad habits xD
    Yeah and Naruto foolishly said she was xD
    i just hope it carrys on for a bit more longer cause the this new xy gang are just so amazing & brought many people back to Pokemon. I'd say it should definitely go further for a few more regions with
    the gang before cannoning it with Serena and ultimately finishing ash off in totality. Although if that does takes place ash leaving then it's going to cause a huge earthquake to the Pokemon world lol. I wouldn't mind it carrying on maybe with ash's having a brother and him doing it lool. I still however believe Ash will lose the league in the final based on the fact that Serena lost in that stage.
    There are what if episodes and stuff like that where they're alive xD
    Yeah lol. Lol at Minato after meeting Sakura for the first time xD
    Hopefully this isn't the last series featuring him cause seeing how Serena is like and the overall characters is really something. I hope he losses so it can continue cause these characters and especially Serena' affection towards ash is so amazing lol. And yeah i been playing it and everytime i've been so enjoyable i wish i had it earlier :D.
    I take medication for anxiety and depression; that's about as far as I'm gonna get in terms of "fixing" anything.

    One does not simply take a break from Pokemon. Once it ropes u in, your in for life. Yeah u can do other things, but it'll all come back to Pokemon eventually. Unfortunately there's no going back at this point. So we'll have to make the best of what we have. But enough about this, let's move on to something happier.
    yeh it's actually so cool to have buddies that have same interests like that. Yeah & i got the xy, alpha sapphire, omega ruby aswell & they're sooo fuun and coool to play the further i go. How you coming along the with xyz series? i can't believe it's already the league lool. Np mateeeeeeeeeeeeee :) :) :)
    Very intresting, PokeHero96!!! Apprenticeships, you want to learn even in your holidays, but that is just fine, if you also relax enough!:)
    You don't want to know how deep the rabbit hole goes, but suffice to say almost everyone on this forum for example (at least all the ones I've met) seem to suffer some sort of mental issue caused probably by getting too sucked into Pokemon.

    Apparently, according to my family, I was more open, more willing to joke around, more willing to try things, and not taking everything so serious. So in other words, a much happier person. But now my nephew is getting Pokemon go on his phone and I fear for his sanity after seeing what happened with me. I try to put it in terms my family will understand but they don't pay attention to it.
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