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  • Thanks :)
    eating... mm... don't tease me please... I eat too much that night too and I'm still craving more! fireworks... I miss the days when you go to any dark street and buy illegal ones from a creepy guy oops! *shouts mouth*, seriously I miss playing with fireworks *sigh*... We had a little meeting but I ate too much that I fell asleep (again) and my friends had to wake me up at midnight :p
    hehe... are you sure you didn't post that picture? *stares at you with disbelief* lol! jk! Well, I'd post those pictures if I was that person too :p *guilty!*
    Hey! do you practice Karate? what belt do you have? I tried to do Aikido years ago but videogames were more exciting, lol.
    *same here* lol
    See ya!
    Happy new Year to you too Pokehero! :D Thank you! XD
    My best wishes to you and your family for the new year!
    Sorry for just replying but I've been vey busy these days :)
    Hehe, did you have fun last night?
    LOL, good advice, but it's too late... those buggers will probably post them on FB soon :S
    (hehe... sorry for talking about that show, my British relatives are devote followers of it... that soap opera started in 1960 and it's still running...)
    *what are you talking about?*
    Hehe! It's always fun talking to you! take care! :)
    Getting excited for what? Doing anything special?

    Oh I get it! Getting a new boyfriend like you do every year?

    Huh? I didn't say that you said anything careless...LOL now I'm confused too XD

    No prob :D
    LOL just reacting to what you said XD

    Well, I can understand. I used to be incredibly careless too XD

    Thanks, and same to you :D
    Going for bit. i'll be back on 3rd or 4th febuary. I'll even have some hype to look forward to when i come back tho :p. Take care and that btw
    yeah true. Just gotta hope and see whetever is coming on 5th feb will put a smile on all of our armour-shippers faces.
    yes yes yes! It hasn't ever happend hence everyone wants it. I just hope that episode provides satisfaction for all armour-shippers out there. And a kiss would be a blessin for all armour-shippers :). So pretty please provide it writers!
    Your bro threw a goddamn cousin at you?! Most people throw cushions or pillows, but your bro seems hardcore XD

    Damn, seems like you mistreated that thing a lot! I hope you treat your current laptop better XD

    Yeah, I'm pretty glad too XD
    lool xd. I actually found it pretty funny aswell tbh. You know...it was so funny i don't think any1 would make any complainments.
    watch the video if you like lol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGqvbU-lHDI.

    She just looks like she's fed up with ash's obliviousmess and is going to say something in a way oblivious technique's won't work.

    And i think she'll kiss him on the cheek tbh. but i still have high doubts the writers are going to backstab us. Don't see anything wrong with a kiss on the cheek since melody gave him one tho
    There's a possibility of it being a troll. A recent missleading title troll took place by a boxer and heres how it worked...
    he said he's going to fight a fan of his if he reached 5000 likes on his facebook, so he reeaches 5000 likes and ends up knocking a fan machine out instead, L-o-L.

    And i honestly don't have a clue. I'll have to just go along towards the neurtal section tbh. One thing i think is going to take place is ash saving/protecting his special one from team rocket.
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