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  • I would like to go around Europe, France again, Spain, etc. Japan afterwards. I'd like to travel to a lot of places. xD Aw.. Hm that sounds cool haha. I hope you had fun there! What was the weather like over there, cooling? Lol "cooling". xD
    Aw haha. Yeah it was sad and adorable. She's like my favorite character too :3
    I wasn't surprised that minato was his dad but I guess his appearance was a surprise. He comes back later on in the series during the final war thing along with the other dead hokage and Sasuke
    Okay, I'll do so next time though. :D Ohh, I'd like to travel there, after a few other places! Do they really have milk in bags over there? :eek: Ah I see.
    Travelling is something i was born to loving too :D I just plan on finishing the game when i get it really. Goodluck with your apprenticeship :)
    Exactly! The people who criticized pokefans for years yet now are running around chasing figments of their imagination.

    Well my mom for years lectures me on being a much different person when I was younger compared to today, so I looked back on my life to see where it went wrong. The only thing that makes sense was getting into Pokemon as a kid, where I ended up going into my own world and getting lost in my own thoughts. I consider myself (and many other pokefans) cursed due to diving down the rabbit hole that is Pokemon. And with Pokemon go, my family (especially my 10 yr old nephew) keep pushing it in my face cause they know I loved Pokemon in the before time, though I'd rather not discuss it cause it warped me and id rather my nephew not suffer my fate. It's too late for me but I can still save him, hopefully.
    Hope you enjoyed that holiday overall. I enjoy going different places and seeing how the different people and cities are like too. Oh wowowow that's scary!!!! Be careful next time that's not something i don't want to ever happen to my mate & just thank god your're safe from it. By Wednesday hopefully i'll have the pokemon games on my Nintendo 3DS & so i can just have funn playing it. What you plan on doing now that you're back from your holiday?
    Ya but you were into Pokemon before a lot of people playing go. Your cooler than me at least, though that's not saying much. :/

    I blame Pokemon for turning me into what I am, so despite my family bugging me a bunch about Pokemon go, it is my "secret shame" if u will and it will remain secret and WILL remain shameful, hence not talking about it irl.
    But I'm sure with Pokemon go u can step out and find friends and make friends who will discuss Pokemon irl and u would be the cool girl who knows it all. whereas with me Pokemon is my "secret shame" that I don't want anyone irl to discuss with me.
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