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  • Hi Just thought that I'd remind you about Chapter 12 being out - please comment on what you think
    Oh...yea I did and I'm reviewing later on today as I didn't have time yesterday sorry, I think the plot line is good just need to work on description and not crowding it into one sentence and also grammar but I can't really help you there as I also let myself down on that field...do you have a beta?
    As long as you're improving then you've got no problems. You'll get there eventually.

    And yeah, I do the same thing. So many great fics around here are good for teaching you different skills.
    The server has been having errors like crazy lately.

    That's great, once you get writing it's surprising how fast you pick it all up. Especially with the reviewers here, they're some of the best. Don't worry if you don't get good reviews, believe me when I say you learn much more from a negative review than a positive one.
    Yeah, the server made you double post. It's been happening to me as well lately.

    Heh, the first fic I ever wrote I worked on for years and years, I know. And yeah, I've been writing since 2002.
    Thanks. I hear you, it's difficult to find a fic and stick with it. You should see my hard drive, I've got a million unfinished fics because I lost interest. You just have to find something that you really like and go for it.
    No worries, I think I'm the last person to complain when I'm behind on about ten fics myself.
    And also I read your story and liked the plot idea...writing style could be better...but Oh well! And also cant post in it because its more than a month old!

    GO to user cp and then click on edit Signature and add in the IMG tags and then paste the link
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