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  • Hello. Are you doing well these weeks leading up to Christmas? I may not necessarily be up to speed regarding Pokémon Best Wishes, but it would appear that Pearlshipping has become one of my models for romantic friendship in Japanese cartoons, in that the anime couples I'm willing to support typically share the same basic dynamic that Ash and Dawn do. In the case of pairings from other shows, my attention has turned toward Nigel Uno and Rachel McKenzie from Codename: Kids Next Door as a model for cartoons overall. Suffice it to say that I don't like choosing romantic pairings on a whim.
    Greetings once more, fellow Pearlshipper... after some steady progress for me on HeartGold and SoulSilver. I may get to be more interested in whatever Team Rocket's doing Johto as my game progresses, but I should have a lot of fun in a few other matters this week. Are you still doing well where you are?
    Potatoes and rice sound good to me... just as fusing my interest in Pearlshipping with my interest in international politics has sounded good to me for the past couple of years. If that last part surprised you, then I can assure you with certainty that it surprised the other Ash/Dawn shippers, as well. You may safely guess that my mind is usually rather active, but for now, I will thank you for my compliments about my past statements regarding Ash and Dawn's romantic friendship. Would you mind if I explained how my interest in Pearlshipping developed?
    No problem about the movie poster. I been doing fine these days just preparing for midterm of this semester. And wow why it was cut short by 2 weeks ? :eek: and lol don't worry I lurk around the thread and the forums sometimes ^^. Oh that sucks Math is easy in my opinion but you better ignore me there XD . Cool a si que tu sabes hablar muy bien el español ? , es mi lenguaje principal ^^ y despues le sigue el inglés. Homework is >.> and it leaves you like this 0.o . Well I am a multishipper so I like multiple shippings XD , but at this moment I like a lot calendarshipping ( Barry/Jun x May/Haruka ) . And yeah something interesting happened this past week , the lol moments at school plus I scored 27 points on my last basketball game. So that is what happened to me lately XD.
    didn't you get my PM reply?

    and no I didn't have diner yet.

    and my favorite is High touch and Messager on the wind.
    ah, okay. and no problem. ...Seriously? Just one? I thought it was more. xD;;;

    That's cool! You're in 9th or 10th grade? Aha, yeah, me too. I haven't posted 'till yesterday (or was it thursday?) mainly 'cause of school and all that jazz. Glad the weekend's finally here. >>
    ah, on the PM, just wanted to correct that the user might not have ALL the eps. Just checked... ^^;;

    sorry if I misinformed you. D:
    Well, that had to work. I've had quite an active week between my school and my interest in Pearlshipping, but this upcoming week may be no less active, at least for my mind. Are you doing well at this moment?
    (sweatdropping, then clearing throat) I see. As it happens, all this talk of food's making me hungry, so perhaps I'd better go eat dinner right now. Would you like to talk about any other couplings you might enjoy besides Ash/Dawn once I get back?
    Hot dogs might sound appropriate to me... as something to eat at a party. I typically settle for chicken and rice, but I've also been known to eat macaroni soup with delight. Do you happen to have any foods you particularly enjoy?
    (chuckling alertly) Thank you for your encouragement, and it would seem that that not-so-little tribute of mine worked almost exactly as I hoped. Now that Ash and Dawn have helped every possible couple in Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak find love, I can have them examine their handiwork and smile to themselves each time. How about you? Are you doing well for now?
    Thanks. Though I think that should be easy since all my brothers have school and my parents have to work. XD

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