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Pokeman Man
Last Activity:
May 8, 2017
Feb 20, 2011
Likes Received:
Mar 7, 1997 (Age: 23)
Pennsylvania GMT-4
Voted most likely to suck eggs in high school

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Pokeman Man

The Real Slim Shady, 23, from Pennsylvania GMT-4

Pokeman Man was last seen:
May 8, 2017
    1. The Mustache
      The Mustache
      Then we'll have to trade tomorrow since I gotta go to bed. See you.
    2. The Mustache
      The Mustache
      Do you have them ready?
    3. varanus_komodoensis
      Hey Pokemon Man! I just started a new job this week and I'm working 8-5 basically all the time now, so I'm available mostly on nights, weekends, and holidays. Will you be available this weekend?
    4. Cutty
      You just try to get Victreebel lv 47-50 or Sceptile from the gts.
      I mean, if you rebreed you will get more pokemon w/ good moves for trade. Its not a loss.
      And Leaf Storm is better than Petal dance.
      Just Leaf storm n not power whip then.
    5. Cutty
      Can you help out just this time? I mean I traded you an ability capsule for 2 of your imperfect mons n you didnt have to breed again. I dont regret it for that.

      You dont have to rebreed soon too.
    6. Dread_Naught
      Thank you for your Love Ball Ralts and Additonal Gengar! Enjoy your new Sigilyph breeding pair!
    7. Dread_Naught
      Hopping online right now, My IGN is Hannah
    8. Dread_Naught
      Okay. I am ready. Since I couldn't breed the nature directly on to the female as I had planed. I will trade you a breeding pair. Both have the Dream Ball, Hidden Ability, and Egg moves, the father has the nature to breed on to the babies.
    9. Dread_Naught
      Well, I'm not quite ready yet, but my FC is 3952-8043-7306
    10. Dread_Naught
      She does! Let me quickly breed a good nature and egg moves on to her, and she's yours!
    11. Dread_Naught
      Huh. Weird.

      Anyways. I noticed you were offering a Female Ralts in a Love Ball. I don't care if she has prefect IVS or not [I can do that easily]

      In return, I can offer the following as Females, with ideal Natures:

      ~Bold Safari Ball Chansey
      ~Love Ball Buneary
      ~Love Ball Mareep
      ~Dream Ball Sigilyph
      ~Dream Ball Eevee
      ~Dream Ball Ralts
      ~Dream Ball Murkrow
      ~Moon Ball Ralts
    12. Dread_Naught
      Hello! I sent you a PM earlier today, but haven't received a response yet. Are you by chance interested in my offer? Or just haven't read the PM yet?
    13. Cutty
      Basically Bulbasaur too but w/ Modest nature missing in Atk, chlorophyll, egg moves: giga drain, petal dance, leaf storm n power whip. Any gender n ball.

      You can take your time. Like a week is fine for me. I have to collect bp again anyway as I only have 0 now :p
    14. Cutty
      No its fine. I just prefer 4HP and 252 SpAtk.

      Can I offer 48 BP item for breeding service or I have to follow what your breeding now?
    15. Cutty
      I kinda disagreed w/ the ev investment but I think I still can go w/ it.
      Thanks too.
    16. Cutty
      Can you name it Mama? Im online now.
    17. Cutty
      Hi. Its me again. Can I offer you a leftovers for your trained Blissey?
    18. Cutty
      Ok Can we trade now? Im going online.
      I give the Ability capsule on second trade. C ya.
    19. Cutty
      Alright no problem. Careful male Aron w/ its egg moves then.
    20. Cutty
      I need the Clefairy female yes. If you have female Aron w/ Sturdy I'll take it too.
      Do you have an Adamant Aron? If not is fine. I can breed it using your 5iv Careful one.

      Just lemme know when you're done w/ Cleffa. Im not in a rush :)
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    Mar 7, 1997 (Age: 23)
    Pennsylvania GMT-4
    Voted most likely to suck eggs in high school
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo Network ID:
    Nintendo 3DS Friend Code:
    I wish I had swag.

    Pokemon ¯\_( ツ )_/¯


    In-game name: Carl
    Friend Code: 3325-3523-8312
    Friend Safari: Fighting - Pancham / Mienfoo / Riolu

    How am I supposed to expect the unexpected if expecting the unexpected turns the unexpected into the expected?

    11/16/14 - I accidentally release my hatched Shiny Riolu because I was busy watching anime.

    Omega Ruby Purchase Date: 11/26/14 - ~10:00 AM
    Omega Ruby Clear Time: 11/27/14 - ~12:00 AM - 14:34
    Delta Episode Clear Time: 11/27/14 - ~2:00 AM - 16:23
    Bought the game, played it for 16 hours straight, completing the plot in one sitting

    ;254; ;262; ;297; ;295; ;169; ;184;