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    Platinum Storyline Discussion

    I'm always interested in myths about Legendary Pokemon. . Namely Giratina, Shaymin, Darkrai, and Arceus. We know some details about them, but not as much as say Mew and Dialga (though those could use some explaining too). In fact I like to listen to amazing legends in real life too.... I am...
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    What is the noobiest thing someone has done to you in a wifi - battle?

    Let us see.... hmmmmm Somebody used 6 hacked (legal hacks though) Pokemon, 3 of which is Ubers, 3 of which is OU, against my UU Team when I clearly told him NO UBERS!!!. At least I still won because he can't deal with most Pokemon. Oh yea and on PBR some random guy decided to use an...
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    Slow Start ability

    Wait.... Medicham could learn Pure Power...... hmm idea strikes. Ninjask Used Protect Medicham used Detect Ninjask's Speed Boost raised its speed Ninjask used Baton Pass Regigigas came out Medicham used Skill Swap Regigigas sweeps the frick out of everybody that is not flying or...
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    Slow Start ability

    I think Regigigas might be practical in Singles as well, maybe alongside Celebi? Ninjask? The SubSeeding strategy would work, only that Celebi would be the one passing it. Then, if the opponent switches, the Substitute would stay intact and give Gigas an extra turn to cripple the enemy or Focus...
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    Brand New Team

    Rate it please: Jolly Lucario@Focus Sash Swords Dance Close Combat Earthquake Extremespeed This is a very typical Physical SDLuke. I dont have Crunch but oh well. I just might replace it with DDMence though. Lucario has abysmal Defense so I use a Focus Sash to stay alive while I...
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    I thought you quit

    I thought you quit
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    Why oh why oh WHY!!

    .....your point? Bugs are not weak! I hate people who say that! I suppose Dragon, Fire, Psychic, Flying, and Water types are weak too?
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    What will Nintendo/Gamefreak do for the 5th Generation??

    You share my idea of Bug, Fighting, and Poison legends don't you? And yes, a Fire/Grass would only be weak to: Rock and Flying
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    Deoxys vs Arceus

    Deoxys would pwn Arceus. Even my Cherrim could pwn Arceus. He's the weakest uber in the game
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    What will Nintendo/Gamefreak do for the 5th Generation??

    STFU you ignorant and criticizing idiot, and use your f***in brain for once
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    Worst collisums

    That's right. I love it
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    Worst collisums

    People who thinks Sunset is hard are crazy. I NEVERRRR HAVE A PROBLEM! You just need good assessment skills and strategy, if you don't have that, of course Sunset is hard! It's a great way to test a trainer's true skills!