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  • IT will happen in the next part that focuses on our group. The cliffie with ghetsis was too good to resist
    Hey, i was vming do, and I saw your post about a mudkip. I could get you one in a fourth gen game, shiny if you like.
    Hey man I'm good how are you? I don't message a lot atm but in the summer I may be more available on the forums. As it is :342: is a godsend as it's now exam time at school, I'm glad he took over when he did. What have you been up to anyways? And yes the fic is awesome I'm inspired by it
    Hey there? I was wondering if I would be able to challenge you to the gym leader fight for the non competetive trainer's hang out please? Thanks in advance
    And now it's time for us to battle. So, FC thingies. I don't have yours and I don't know if you have mine. So ... mine's 5414 2312 1351. Also, the battle. Double battle alright with you?
    yes man, here's an update for you:
    starting tomorrow you can download the draco meteor jirachi to DPPt HGSS in all countries: usa, europe and japan i think! happy jirachiing!
    yo man im all good thanks how are you? nah i dont really care much atm got exams which are WAAAAY more important, im still playing just cba with online much i reckon i got PBR for that. i keep debatin whether to leave EVing as well considering how much fun ive had boosting with lucky egg to lv. 100 on my soulsilver. lol i dunno anymore aha, peace out man take care if you wanna take over the group i'll send u an offer to manage it since i dont have time anymore with so much else going on in my life: school, fitness, exams etc. im jus gonna keep gaming on the down low now methinks.
    I'm going to need a private tutor to understand middle/high schoolers other than me
    Hehe, it's odd, isn't it? No worries, though; I was the same way. Never saw or felt much of a need to do the whole 'romance' thing. You're not alone! =0
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