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  • well, I'm not an obsessist, like going "come on guys, we can do it, don't let me down" but I still believe that just thinking like a robot "stats are all that matters, 50.1% chance I lose, must not risk, must not risk, run, run" is bad, I'm kinda superstitious like that
    o_O Are you serious??? You actually believe in and put faith into a piece of data to hopefully make it perform better, in a game about stats? (doesn't mean I use ou pokemon like tyranitar...I use pokemon I like, f*ck any pokemon that is useful, but doesn't interest me) =)
    If you notice how many teens (male&female) obsess o'er them you'd understand why. Besides. I stole this from my brother on travian.com
    well, I'm almost positive (especially because it looks exactly like yours)
    apparently lindsey95 has one, and a lot of people seem to have cresselia eggs, I thought they were supposed to be really rare
    All hail Nostalgia Critic, and that guy with the glasses, and Chester.A.Bum, and five second movies, and every awkward joke they each make. But nobody can associate with the evil that is AVGN! (Think you'll notice I'm a fan too. Hurrah... for some unexplained reason.)
    Any who, please ignore my nonsense as I descend to contradict everything in my path... with a joke or two along the way. Hope you continue to act like everything else is beyond reason, and have a good time doing so of course.
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