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Recent content by pokemaster001

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    Why Can't People Get It Right? Annoying Things and Pokémon

    this has been pissing me off forever, it seems literally everyone thinks that it should be Flying/Water. Honestly, I knew it was Psychic since the day I got it, what I didn't know, was that it was flying. Honestly, am I the only one who thought it would fit to be Psychic/Water? Just me? Really?
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    Internet Memes

    my personal favorite I don't even know why yeeeeah
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    Non-competitive trainer's hangout mk. III

    oh...so now it's a thread...that's somewhat irritating... as always, I want to remain a member as this is a very interesting club I was a gym leader before the club went down, but I'm starting to wonder if I can still handle it. I haven't been playing my game too much lately and my team still...
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    Is Homosexuality Genetic?

    er....no.....just no... speak for yourself. I'm gay too, and if you believe you would want to be straight, that's fine, but apparently girls are higher maintenance, and it's easier to hide a relationship if needed (at least in school...) but to each his own I guess lastly, to the thread...
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    Which is worse: Blindness or Deafness?

    oh, Arceus...I guess I'd have to go for deaf...but only because I use the computer so much and video games.... honestly, I think losing any of my 14-or-more senses would be almost equally bad...
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    err...Xman? I hate to be a Grammar Nazi, but you spelled their in your sig as thier. everything...

    err...Xman? I hate to be a Grammar Nazi, but you spelled their in your sig as thier. everything else is fine though
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    Code Lyoko's return

    er...they kinda did....the second-to-last episode resolved it...so I'm kinda wondering about it...
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    Code Lyoko's return

    yeah, I did like the show, it was just fun to watch. I'm glad it's coming back. not much else to say...
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    phinieas and ferb across the 2nd demantoin

    instead of clearly being repetitive and stating the two extremes, I will place my opinion here Phineas and Ferb is a rather interesting show, while it is rather childish at times. It is one of the few shows that I actively am interested in because I find it interesting. Unfortunately, I do not...
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    The Pokemon Questions Thread Again!

    wow, there's a lot of awesome Probo suggestions, now I want to put one in my team but I really shouldn't as for questions, where, in Unova, can I get lots of EVs (mixed preferrably) from fighting the fewest pokemon?
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    Bad Grammar

    it's your job to make the world a reasonable place for understanding sentences. sure, you can avoid or put too many Capital Letters in a Sentence or say whom incorrectly, because whom cares about that? butt u kant haz no grammer
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    Abortion - right or wrong?

    alright then, let me rephrase that for him Why are people having sex at all if they can't handle a baby? and yes, I realize that sounds stupid to a lot of you but as far as I'm concerned there's no other reason. because the child has to live that's the whole reason I think abortion is ok...
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    Facts seem to have become powerless

    actually, it doesn't avoid not making sense but anyway, yeah, it's a fact, life never goes as it should, and each human fits somewhere on the Sliding Scale of Idealism Versus Cynicism (be warned, link to TV Tropes) whether they don't believe because they're too Cynical or too Idealist is...
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    Abortion - right or wrong?

    why? you would have to take care of your child for 18 years so taxes replace that cost it's logical
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    Abortion - right or wrong?

    you see, you're all completely missing the point. alright, I think abortion is similar to murder as a fetus is technically alive, but I don't see what that has to do with anything. I'm rather on the fence with this debate. On one side, it can teach a woman responsibility and effectively issue a...