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  • Well that's not so bad, it's easy to fix. But I guess it depends on who's view you want the story to be told from.

    Technically they've had a few TR encounters in which they have, so I don't really put much thought to that tag battle thing. The episode was great, Ash and Iris really regretted the whole fight thing. I felt bad for Scraggy when Ash let him out and had to tell him that Iris and Axew were gone. His whole Pokemon team seemed to be sad about that.
    The podcast is going alright! We went on a month long hiatus because I moved from Japan to the Philippines, but we have a new episode all recorded. It just needs editing now.

    I did get your PMs, but I haven't been able to read through them yet. I'll probably do it as I edit the new show. :)
    Oh that's good. xD I finished the outline for my next chapter, but I left it back in my other home (unfortunately), so now I'm just writing as it comes to me. *sigh*
    I see you write fanfiction? I'm quite late on the reply, I don't mind reading it. In fact how does a review exchange sound?
    Ah. Well, my overarching scenario might surprise you, starting with the extent of Ghetsis' villainy. As a taste, ordering the Plasma Frigate to fire an amplified Dragon Pulse that obliterates the Skyarrow Bridge right as Cilan, Iris, Rosa, Nate, and N approach it is the starting point of Ghetsis' appearances in Unova. I wanted to combine elements from both Black and White game storylines and the anime after giving Ash and Dawn more active roles in Diamond and Pearl, followed by closure in their Sinnoh journey -- alongside Jessie, James, and Meowth -- thereby setting up Cilan, Iris, Rosa, and Nate to be the main protagonists in Unova. Even Giovanni is shocked to the point of basically authorizing his agents, including Cassidy and Biff, er, Bob, er, Butch, to act on their own against Ghetsis' operatives should they ever encounter them again, which should be at least twice before the final showdown... near the Undersea Temple. You probably won't have to guess what I had in mind between Teams Rocket and Plasma by my reference to that particular location.
    Interesting point. If it's any help, it's been my experience that romantic harmony is more likely to come from common interests and values instead of what I would consider almost whimsical uncertainty. Of course, we still have my overall view of Sinnoh, especially Team Galactic and the legendaries. There is actually a specific real-world basis for that view, namely Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's apocalyptic agenda and his associates' alliance with North Korea. On a different note, I find Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Lucky Star, Futakoi, Full Metal Panic, and Negima! Magister Negi Magi much more influential in my perception of Japanese cartoons than, say, Fullmetal Alchemist, Soul Eater, or One Piece. You could say that I've supported Japan's culture of cuteness as ardently as I could, and the fact that I now consider that train of thought to have culminated with my support for those ponies might be a safe clue to how thoroughly embedded into my memory cuteness has become as an attribute.
    I'm actually kind of stuck whether or not Pearlshipping would be considered "shoujo" or not? Like it's definitely more "shonen" compared to Ikarishipping/Penguinshipping (I think a lot of that has to do with Ash's recklessness, compared to Paul's stoic-ness and Kenny's awkwardness). Same with Advanceshipping vs Contestshipping (Contest being more "shoujo"), though I do agree it having more shojou elements (however you would define that) than Negai/Advanced.

    I actually am doing a small shipping survey on this (incomplete so far), but I have Wishful's/Negai's/Pearl's percentile's complete of male/female audiences on SPPf. I still need to get Ikari's/Contest/Advanced done @.@ Pearl's gave me a headache. I'd be happy to show you what I have if you're interested. :)
    Hello. I believe I've seen you a few times in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic thread, but I don't believe we've conversed before. Your post in the "Popular Ships Survey" thread caught my attention, so if I may ask, then I'm rather curious about what you meant when you said that Negaishipping was a "Shounen"-type pairing while Pearlshipping was a "Shoujo"-type pairing.
    That's a tough question... something so bad that permanently burns in your mind or something half-decent but emotionless that loses meaning over time? Tough question indeed.
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