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  • Yeah, I have to agree to these points. Both have to try different and more daring things. And yeah, right now all the episodes are simple rehashes and mix-ups of past episodes and the show is lacking a true story. It's just... a 22-minutes advertising.

    Ah, I see. You basically made a sort of little rewrite. Sounds interesting. I will check it out.
    Ah, yeah. But that was a one-time thing. Oshawott does that constantly.

    Ah, who expects something different? The plot is always the same: Ash and girl fight for whatever trivial reason, hold a grudge against each other for almost the whole episode and reconcile at the end of said episode. Predictable thing is predictable.

    Same here, I started a fic because I am so disappointed with how the show is handling things. I'll check your fic one of these days (and good thing that you know that shipping needs to stay a bit on the background).
    Yeah, perhaps. However I would have preferred him to have different traits and not be a Brock 2.0...
    Never seen My Little Pony, but I heard that despite having a low target it has many good points like development, something unusual in a show targeted to kids. And I agree. They shouldn't be afraid to acknowledge the past more often. As you said, kids aren't stupid.
    I watched the pics. It seems a good episode and finally Oshawott got a win, after so long. About time too!

    Admittedly, I wonder why they didn't introduce the Razor Jet sooner... it could have been a cool combo for a battle (it would have been great against Hydreigon).

    I won't hold my breath, but hopefully that leads to some development.
    Yeah I just re-watched it. xD I really want subs for it though. =O But actually it's pretty good compared to the last two. xD
    So I started reading chapter 2. One minor nitpick is that your paragraphs are too long. You do a nice job describing, but I feel you could tone it down a bit. ^^;
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