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  • I don't know. It has some elements of OS but I think it's its own so far. XD

    Right. That makes sense. XD I'm thinking *right* now it's a little one-sided just because it's sort of lop-sided (their lurv I mean xD) but I don't know. I have to write it first to actually see. XD I play out so many scenes. @.@
    Haha I don't care about Negaishipping, but the story's still interesting. XD But I mean as for me, I try not to get my hopes up for Wishful "hints." I settle for interactions (though if something that I interpret "shippy" does happen I fangirl the heck out of it. XD)--so that normally makes up for it for me. I like BW as a whole, it's something new and refreshing.

    As for my fic, it's different from anime/and even game-verse (to some extent). But I've been so busy thinking of the plot and how to make it unique from where my inspiration came from, the fluff IMO falls short. I keep asking myself "SHOULD I PUT IN A KISS SCENE????" Like I mean, it'd add romance to it, but at that point I don't think either of them are ready. Iris only knew him for a few weeks and Dento has his own emotional battles, while (in the fic) he cares for her deeply I don't think that'd be on his mind.

    OMG I'm sorry. XD; I didn't mean to yap about my own frustrations.

    Have a nice breakfast!
    So I read your first chapter--not bad. I'd say some paragraphs should be spaced out a bit, some of them were really long. I found it interesting it seems like you're taking it from a different direction, like a "what if scenario" that happens.. Like how the Black and White movies had them going in different paths.
    That would be cool too. Was always kinda disappointed that Trip's Serperior used Leer and not Glare.
    Dragon/Aqua Tail I guess. Unfortunately not much else to choose from or that I'd think would be good on her.
    i can trade you them. regardless if landorus-t is in your pokedex you can't trade it. you will just have to change the form in the game yourself. mine will trade as a normal landorus regardless of if you have it in the pokedex.
    ill probably be ready by sunday mourning.
    i think scizor might have a 30 sp defense IV and a 30 HP IV. other than that they are all flawless i believe. also thundurus and scizor are shiny.
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