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    Man, sorry about that.:( Don't feel bad because my Ds along with my Wii was stolen last year. I had to start all the way over.
    Me too.:) Hopefully this Riolu problem will be solved soon. So what do you think of Ash's team so far?
    Of course I do. If you need one I will give you Gliscor. Do you have a Tauros? I am having trouble getting one.
    What do you have that you are willing to trade? Anything will be good.:) I am trying to test out different pokemon like Lopunny and Togekiss.
    Not really, don't where to find one. Sorry, but I do have a Scizor. About my laptop, I don't know how long I have to wait for a new one. But I promise that I will hold on to Umbreon and give you a battle. Your Umbreon is over Lv 60 and gave it Moonlight for recovery. Does trainers will be annoyed. I hope you are not mad.
    Hi pokemaster95.:) Just checking to see if you are ok. But the bad news is that I want be able to battle for a while until I get a new computer.:( The batteries dead and I am using the computer in the library. But I will hold on to your Umbreon. You are going to love it. I maxed out it Sp. Def and trying to do Defense next.
    I are you doing with your training. I am doing ok. It just going to be a while. By the time I am finish, your Umbreon will be set.:) In the mid-late September.
    I am training all of my 4 teams. I haven't forgotten about your Umbreon.:) I am still training it. I hope you can wait for it in mid September. I will be a little busy, but I will have time to train.
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