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Last Activity:
Apr 19, 2012
Mar 24, 2009
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TCG Gym Leader, Ret., from FL+KY, USA

Pokemom was last seen:
Apr 19, 2012
    1. AlexandriaTheMixed
      We haven't spoken in forever. It's AlexandriaTheMixed. (:
    2. sfulton
      Do you want a shiny ponyta or rapidash because i can get some from my platinum
    3. Pokemom
      was off competing, but I'm back now!
    4. sfulton
      2 minutes ago
      Tia Francisco

      saving at the door

      drop me a pm at serebii and remind to take that mew off my siggy
    5. Okami0917
      One question. :3 Teehee!
      Are you a Poké Mom? :3 hehe
      Could you please answer a Newbies question when you get back on? :D
    6. PokeMaster366
      Advice for future breeding: If you ever get perfect IVs in any stat, make sure it's in Speed, whether it's 31 or 0 for Trick Room. The six most popular natures are Adamant, Modest, Jolly, and Timid. You always want a Speed boosting Nature for fast sweepers like Weavile unless you plan on Scarfing it. If you're Scarfing it, a power boosting nature will be viable. Brave and Quiet are good if you're running the pokemon under Trick Room, but if you plan on running the Tail Room team, you might want to avoid natures that drop speed.
    7. PokeMaster366
      You see the battle video?
    8. PokeMaster366
      BTW, I'm going to post VGC Style videos every day. Every day at 3:00 p.m, I'll always put in a new video and replace the # code for yesterday's video with the new one for those who are interested in VGCs but can't find a good battle to learn from. The video #'s can be found in my sig.
    9. PokeMaster366
      Just max out the IVs of stats that you know you WILL use. Makes no sense to max out the Physical Attack stat if you have no physical attacks. If you can't get them all, anything with IVs at 20 or better are good. BTW, when the guy does the whole potential judging thing, relatively superior just means that the total IV count is between 121 and 150 while Outstanding potential is 151-max, Above Average is 91-120, and decent all around is 90 or below.
    10. PokeMaster366
      First of all, which VGC are you going to in Spring?
    11. PokeMaster366
      You know the old saying: What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.
    12. DarumakkaImposter
      You can post in the CRMT section. It has exceptions to Battle Subway teams and VGC teams.
    13. de_darkrai
      Hey,u have the DW Banette right?
    14. Vycksta
      As a result of inactivity from April 23 until the time of this message, your claim on Tentacruel on Claim A Pokemon 5.0 has been dropped.
    15. EQWashu
      No way! I lived in Naples for 16 years until I moved back up here in '05! :D
    16. TheFatJamaican
      Hello. How are you?
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  • About

    FL+KY, USA
    Favourite Pokémon:
    IRL (WotC TCG) Gym Leader, Ret.

    what else? Pokemon ;)


    One of the Proud 25% that level up legally.

    Claimed: Top Gun Anthem (March '09)
    Banette 30 Sept '11​

    Promo: TRU Manphy/Shaymin/Arceus/Axew/Pidove/Zoroark, JAP Crown Raikou, GS Jirachi/Mew/Crown Dogs, US WFC Mew/V-Victini, Ranger/Almia Manaphy, Almia Riolu/Darkrai, TRU/PBR Pikachu, DW Banette/Tkiss/Croagunk
    My RE Shiny: Zigzagoon, Tentacool (evolved), Vanilite
    Sweet Trades: 10Aniv Celebi, Jap Mew, Jap Magmortar (cherish), VGC Eevee, DW Vapor/Glaceon/Marill/Dratini

    Top 3,000 2012 International WiFi
    Spring 2012 SE US Regionals: 1-7 TCG, 2-6 VGC (warstory coming soon)
    Found the Collo Bonus Disc @ GS
    PGL: FLPokemom