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  • im sorry i had to leave trading, i had to go to the vet. if you ever wsant to trade again let me know (expecially if you ever have a shiny zangoose)
    Umm... I kinda want to get ahold of one of your shiny Kabuto, but I don't have the item you are looking for. Is there any other way I can get my hands on one?
    you probably dont care but i completed my pokedex yesterday woot!!! lol if youre ever up for a battle i wouldnt midn even though i would probably lose o_O
    hey i am looking for a toxic orb, i can offer: master balls, tm, pp ups, pokerus pokemon
    alot of shinys.
    Shinys that i have,
    gyrados, victreebell, blelossom, vileplume, roserade, fearow, snealel, swinub, budue, zubat, kricketune, pikachu, pichux2 zigzagoon, shinx,hoot hoot mr.mime, miltank, ponyta, maril x3, electrike x3, lickitunge, abra, staravia, graveller, wingul, chansey, floatzel, flaffy, dustox, chingling, rhydon, houndour, chatot, quagsire, bunery, kabuto x3, rosella, riachu, dusknoir, onix, glagar, gastly
    pm me for offers, and i can tell you natures and if you want nicknames i can do that too.-thank you ~Rob
    you still need a toxic orb dude?
    Hey do you still have that TRU Arceus? If so, would you like to trade it for a level 50 Latios or a level 50 Latias?
    Hmm... I have no idea how to get to it... You'd probably have to browse through the social groups. Someone invited me- but it should be on the first coupl pages cuz it was active earlier today.
    So... I found a group you might be interested in- it's called "Shiny Lovers." They're currently forming a gym and elite four- so you would be able to get some awesome battling in. You could check it out~
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