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  • Yes, I am Shadao from Bulbagarden. And I remember we have different thoughts about continuity. Whereas you would prefer to bring back all the old continuity and cast back to the modern anime, I prefer that Ash have his journey end on a high note and have him be replaced by a new character. I understand where you're coming from in that regards but I felt with the anime adhering to the games and its new characters to no ends, it would be better for Ash to be replaced and remembered as a legend than to see his character be eroded away to fit in a role that a new protagonist would do better.
    Yeah I agree they're too short. I dunno how they'll do N and Team Plasma justice as I'm pretty sure they'll need like a series of 30 minute episodes to properly showcase their story.
    *hugs* :D I am sorry for worrying you. Yep, the crown I told you about fell off, and since then, the problems have began again, lol (big surprise!). I wear a mouth guard for teeth grinding, and I think it stopped fitting correctly, and now I have these huge canker sores (I hope that's what they are, anyway) in the back of my mouth, hurting off and on, with the teeth hurting randomly as well. I am starting to feel sick so I wonder if they are abscesses. :( I have to call the dentist tomorrow since they aren't open today. I have a bad feeling about this, so I hope everything is alright...sigh. :(

    As for other life things, I'll go more into detail over PM. But I am really trying hard not to be negative. :p

    Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one disappointed. I guess now I truly give up on any references to the original series and whatnot. I pretty much accepted it before, but I guess a part of me was hopeful with the anniversary, with Misty and Brock TCG cards and figures. :( Honestly tho, I would have been fine with this new series even without reference to OS if the animation/character design wasn't changed like this. It's so different from what we're used to. The animation for XY/Z is great, so I really don't understand the change, but I guess they're trying to change things up to attract new fans? This also happened with a few other shows, IIRC, like Scooby Doo. I guess it's the only way to stay relevant nowadays. It's sad, because SM games look amazing. :( I'm not sure if I'll be watching, or I might just let this series go like BW and watch later if the next series is any good. At least we have Pokemon Generations to look forward to (and also I look forward to SM in Pokemon Adventures manga), even if they are short.
    I'm here to let you know that I'm alive, unfortunately having dental issues again, which is why I haven't responded to you, as well as other life issues. :( Wish I had some better updates for you, but it is what it is. I hope you're doing well. I had to login after I heard the news about S&M anime and tell you my thoughts. I am so disappointed. :( I hoped for the best, but... I'm not really sure about this new series. :(
    Thanks for caring :) What are your thoughts on the new SM poster? :D Ash looks goofy lol.
    I am fine, how are you? I hope all is well.

    I am rewatching Pokemon and oh boy... Misty brightened my day. She is just the best girl and no one can convince me otherwie. I miss her and her Pokemon so much. Starmie was my favorite. Very pretty <3 I wish it had proper screen time :(

    The amount of Misty ads is not normal (20th anniversary edition Pokemon TCG Deck Shield)


    She is so ready for Alola :P

    Hi there! How do you feel about the possibility of Ash finally winning the league ? Just few more days to go, kudos to the writers for hiding the outcome of the battle till the very end.

    EDIT : Happy birthday.. enjoy and stay blessed :)
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