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  • I don't think it'd work out well in the anime and they would only use trio, Giovanni, and the secretary for it anyways:/ of course ^^ heh Lillie haters are going to be sorry because she's a pretty good trainer in the Battle tree. She one shotted an alakazam lol.
    I see ^^
    Lol no way would I like May xD
    I just beat rainbow rocket in ultra sun. Also got to team up with the best girl for it.
    How are you?
    Trust me, never relpy to haters posts. Enjoy the moment, our girl is back and more epic than ever whether they like it or not!
    Still working on my reply to you, but I wanted to share my excitement again. :D :p The other day, I went back through old threads, and got a good laugh, lol. So many of us spent so many years discussing Misty's possible return on this forum. Thinking of how long it's been, and how she's finally back, it's amazing! I can't believe this day has finally come. XD I can't believe how excited I am. :)
    I see. The tournament of power arc is redeeming characters that are not Saiyan, especially people like Roshi and 18.
    You can see Cyber's reaction in Bulbagarden. He's salty as ever, trying his hardest to spread his negativity and bring the fans down.
    I can't wait to see how would she react to Ash. I hope the writers don't forget the chemistry.
    OMG. OMG OMG OMG OMG MISTY Will BE BACK. Just when I lost all the hope I had for Pokémon. This happened. Dreams can come to reality afterall. Never lose hope :')
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