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  • OMG I AM SO DUMB. I must be delusional thinking I sent you a reply a long time ago. I logged in today wondering if maybe you were too busy to respond to my last message, THEN SEE THAT I DID NOT SEND IT! :O D:

    I am so sorry. I really apologize. D:

    I guess it's good I didn't send it, as many things fell through that I would have told you about. I hope you don't mind me crafting a new response to send you. Things have gotten less busy for me so I feel I am in my right mind now (lol).

    AND FINALLY WE GET OUR GIRL BACK!! Seeing the news last night, I couldn't believe it was real! lol. I thought it was just another rumor! But no, it's real! Misty and Brock! The original trio together again, even for just a little bit! :'D I hope the news has put you in a good mood as well! But I guess I am worried about them messing things up somehow...even if they are appearing again (finally), I am still a little wary. :p
    Unfortunately I had a cooking disaster this evening...D: I am a bit like Misty when it comes to cooking, sadly. I'll have it sent out tomorrow afternoon at the latest. I apologize. :(
    Just letting you know that I'm working on my response to you - I should be sending it tomorrow night! I have a lot to tell you, so much has happened in the past month. :O I also have so many thoughts on the 20th movie. @_@ I'll talk to you soon! :D
    I don't think she'll be bad like Serena since at the very least she'll be remembered for being afraid of touching Pokemon and overcoming that fear which has something to do with Pokemon while amourshipping doesn't.
    I think she does have a slightly chubby face haha.
    I don't think they will; it seems like they're setting up a plot with her and the Aether Foundation.
    Lillie playing baseball xD
    Yeah her.
    She should have been. This series needs more female rivals especially in the leagues (though tbh I don't care for the leagues anymore)
    At least we're most likely getting a female antagonist as the main boss this time though, and maybe Lillie will do a trial since she's a trainer now
    Hi :)

    Who's your favorite character in the anime? Mine's Korrina, during her arc, of course^^
    I don't even know why they've done these figures if they're going to erase history.

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