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  • Well, i haven't heard of it yet. I'm supposing its about Marshadow?

    And uhhh

    I duno what else to say. My lovely mind's a blankin' out right now o.o
    I uhhh well...

    1. I have a new crush now that i love more than riku
    2. I...uhhh....eat lots of chocolate nutrition bars now?
    Yeah though the poll may be inacurrate due to probably more people choosing Brock as their second or third choice along with the pokegirl fanbases being more divisive lol.
    Yeah she wasn't that bad
    Ah, there is nothing we can do right? I've had enough with all this really. I have much more complicated things in life to worry about. I've been waiting for Misty for years and now they erased her existence. It's suppose to be a big anniversary retelling of the Kanto era of the anime, isn't it? Then why would you **** up something so basic? Because they don't give a damn about us. So yeah let's enjoy life maybe?
    Hopefully it don't sell out so they can learn the lesson. I am just gonna pretend this is on an alternative universe.

    And Marshadow.. like why? They are mixing the generations with false history.
    I have to say, I already knew this would happen... so I'm not surprised Misty and Brock aren't in the movie. I did hope for Gary, though. :( Oh well. I guess they really didn't promise any old characters appearing, so I'm not too upset about this, just disappointed. I'm working on my PM to you, so I'll talk more about this there.
    Meh I'd be less interested if Misty was in it tbh. Or any of the other companions not named Lillie, Mallow, Lana, Sophocles, and/or Kiawe.
    Well Misty and Brock won't be companions in the movie. I guess this is officially it for them, they'll most likely never return if they weren't brought back for this movie
    I guess so
    Lol he sort of did when I told him that several years ago xD
    It is the 20th anniversary of Pokemon so I guess she might appear but I still doubt it. Yeah they share the same interests :3
    The midwest, more specifically Illinois.
    I see ^^
    I don't like May and I like Misty but she has similar issues with Serena
    She does :3 lol It was actually mild where I live but these past couple of days reminded me that it's still winter XD
    No, not yet. I didn't even know there was a new movie of that yet XD
    Pretty much lol. I think I prefer Dawn and currently Mallow and Lillie over Serena and Iris though.
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