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  • I'm using a sick Dawn avatar because I'm sick of winter and the snow XD
    Anyways how are you? The Sun and Moon english dub starts this Saturday :D
    So sorry I haven't responded to you yet. I actually just moved and am trying to figure things out right now. XD; My goal is to reply back to you by the end of this weekend. :)
    [He's banned from posting in the anime forums there lol] I see XD. I signed up there as Lillie~ ^^
    The one that I have now.
    Yeah lol. He's on bulbagarden and toonzone forums.
    Thanks! It's from my second day on here. I also got the highest user title ranks too
    I have the same issue with the Anime. I have been watching(actually keeping up with) it to let go now. The whole recycle and restart plot is a pretty dumb idea. If they think they can keep getting new audience then they are obviously wrong. I mean sure it is easy for the games since there are always new kids who want to try it out but it is not the same for the Anime. It's about a solid investment of at least 3 years per saga. You can't expect people to keep coming back when writing is this terrible and continuity is nothing more than a word to them.

    Every saga we see people leaving the series and even though there are new people who join the fan base most of them never make it past the saga. Back in Kanto it was different cause they had raw ideas and those ideas were quite aptly implemented but sooner or later everyone runs out of it. And when you keep repeating the same stuff the audience lose interest and I don't blame them. I think if they go back to their roots, if that is even possible now, we might see a lot of old fans return. The popularity of Pokemon GO is a proof of that.
    Talking about racism, do you know anything about the rules to become a authority on this site? It's hilarious.

    I was actually surfing this site when I saw that only Serena and Lillie have fan base threads. Lol. Sometimes I think this fanbase deserves all this stupid writing after all. I don't even post here anymore because of these reasons. These people just see 'these' characters as important and somehow, to them, other non important characters revolve around 'these' said characters.

    I am not saying they are bad characters. They only show one type of character since there are shy girls like those in reality. But the fanbase going gaga over them is what makes me sad. And worst of all, GF is banking on this fact, The last character was a success so they made another one like that. It really makes me sad that a strong character like Iris was ignored because she wasn't timid or shy. The show actually tried to develop her and she indeed got some fair development by the end of the series but I suppose sexism won. I also read one article where it said that people like Japanese female because they are submissive. I suppose that says a lot about this fanbase too.

    I used to think I left this place because I was busy with the competitive scene but now I think it was this biased fanbase that drove me away and I am happy to stay as faraway from here as possible.
    Yes I'm in the same boat. I don't get it to be quite honest. When we were kids we had all the time in the world after hours spent at school and now the day just passes as though there are less than 12 hours a day.

    It is a very nice podcast and I definitely learned a lot from it even though I never went past the 20 episode mark. My problem with it was that I was not able to use all the new things that Luke was teaching. And when you don't use it you lose it.

    In my country English is the second language for almost everyone and if you need a reputable job you need it. First language is not consistent though and depends on the region. Basically if you need to talk to a person of another region, let's say a northern guy talking to southern one, knowing English would most likely get you two through.

    Wow you went through a lot or maybe it is because I learned about it all in one paragraph. That's the problem with Maths, if you don't know the basics, you will have a hard time moving forward. I was supposed to be polishing my Advanced Mathematics skills but then I realized that I was missing on basics cause it's been 10 years since I studied them so now I have to work on my basic skills before diving into advanced. I think same applies to language learning too. Whenever I stray too far away from English my sentence structure starts to suffer.
    Lol yeah but I still wouldn't call it an actual victory XD
    Who knows what'll happen for the movie haha
    Damn tpci is taking too long to premiere the SM dub xD
    I'm not sure what more to say about the rich-poor gap or poverty, never been good at economics :p And I have no idea how to these gap can be narrowed down. I can only hope things get better over time. When Mark Zuckerberg's daughter was born he said he would donate 99% of his wealth. I don't know if he did or not but if he did and more rich people start doing things like this, we just might narrow it a bit.

    At this point I am not sure what to expect of this Anime. If they can't develop the current cast properly then who is to say they can develop old characters? And after what happened to Brock during DP(the word dead weight comes to mind) I am not sure if I want to see old characters return to main cast.

    I am actually trying to find a replacement for mindfulness meditation. It is a great practice and all but I need some other practice. The problem is that it requires you to focus on your breathing without controlling it and sadly I can't stop controlling it :( So I am looking for some another technique that doesn't requires the focus on breath but instead focus on something else, probably an object outside body but still having similar benefits. In the meantime I will keep practicing this technique cause the changes are too profound to actually give up on it. Btw, I have been doing yoga for three years now, mostly consistently. Have been trying to change my life for a while. I will explain that in that PM XD Oh yes I would be happy to help you, that's what friends are for.

    As someone practicing mediation I would say don't think too much about the future cause then you will forget to admire the present. But it's all up to you. We should always try to better ourselves in any way possible. Just don't focus too much on the future. Enjoy the new skill, whatever you decide, and just keep learning and growing.
    We will try to meet one more time this year and if it doesn't work then I suppose it will the end of out friendship. You have to move on sometime.

    Racism has always been a big issue but I suppose I am better off with my real friends than people like those. But problem is this internet is full of such people even on this site. I noticed that some people think Lillie is pretty but Mao isn't. It is weird tbh because all the Anime characters look almost the same to me. Same eyes, nose and mouth with only difference being skin and hair color.

    Btw, I wrote a post here about sexism in the fan base. http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?656186-Feb-9th-SM14-The-Fruit-of-Courage-Lilie-and-Rokon!&p=18332083&highlight=#post18332083 Let me know what you think. I think I am right but an intelligent perspective from someone might be better here. I didn't mentioned Misty there because of her range of emotions.

    I think the older generation should teach these old art forms and skills to whoever is interested instead of keeping it exclusive to their family. That's a good way to earn extra money and by extension the art lives on. We all know that contemporary arts and skills will always be in demand. So instead of keeping it a family tradition they should spread it. I know they must of the attitude that these things 'belong to our family/lineage and such' but I think sometimes you need to drop your beliefs to grow. That's only my opinion though. Don't know how these people think personally.
    I was thinking of replying last week but I guess I need to work more on procrastination issues. :p
    Well if you are really serious about getting better at English and can't really visit a native country then I would recommend Luke's English Podcast. I listened to it for a while and it can be really helpful. I mean if you wanna learn better English and also the british culture then it is a great source. You'll however need to invest 30min-1hour per day. I would say go for it since you'd be invested your time in getting better in a skill you value.

    Tbh my sister's job usually require translation/interpretation. Having knowledge of all those languages obviously helps with her job. She can speak our native language plus English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Although I think her favorite is Spanish.

    The problem with reading such old works if that the language has progressed a lot since then. And we can't really use that type of language nowadays. That's the thing about languages, they keep on evolving over the course of time, sometimes for the better other times for the worse. For eg, in Sherlock Holmes, 'singular' was used in place of current word 'unique' and I think 'pray' instead of 'please' many times. You can use singular still but most of the times it seems out of place.

    I used to be very good at maths growing up and then I had a downfall. I have been fighting this demons for a decade now and if I score good enough marks then probably I can move on. I will tell you the whole story sometime later in the PMs. A little personal for me. Btw, what do you mean sick quite often, you mean like you used to get viral/cold often or something chronic? Just asking tbh, you don't need to tell if you don't want to.
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