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  • We will try to meet one more time this year and if it doesn't work then I suppose it will the end of out friendship. You have to move on sometime.

    Racism has always been a big issue but I suppose I am better off with my real friends than people like those. But problem is this internet is full of such people even on this site. I noticed that some people think Lillie is pretty but Mao isn't. It is weird tbh because all the Anime characters look almost the same to me. Same eyes, nose and mouth with only difference being skin and hair color.

    Btw, I wrote a post here about sexism in the fan base. http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?656186-Feb-9th-SM14-The-Fruit-of-Courage-Lilie-and-Rokon!&p=18332083&highlight=#post18332083 Let me know what you think. I think I am right but an intelligent perspective from someone might be better here. I didn't mentioned Misty there because of her range of emotions.

    I think the older generation should teach these old art forms and skills to whoever is interested instead of keeping it exclusive to their family. That's a good way to earn extra money and by extension the art lives on. We all know that contemporary arts and skills will always be in demand. So instead of keeping it a family tradition they should spread it. I know they must of the attitude that these things 'belong to our family/lineage and such' but I think sometimes you need to drop your beliefs to grow. That's only my opinion though. Don't know how these people think personally.
    I was thinking of replying last week but I guess I need to work more on procrastination issues. :p
    Well if you are really serious about getting better at English and can't really visit a native country then I would recommend Luke's English Podcast. I listened to it for a while and it can be really helpful. I mean if you wanna learn better English and also the british culture then it is a great source. You'll however need to invest 30min-1hour per day. I would say go for it since you'd be invested your time in getting better in a skill you value.

    Tbh my sister's job usually require translation/interpretation. Having knowledge of all those languages obviously helps with her job. She can speak our native language plus English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Although I think her favorite is Spanish.

    The problem with reading such old works if that the language has progressed a lot since then. And we can't really use that type of language nowadays. That's the thing about languages, they keep on evolving over the course of time, sometimes for the better other times for the worse. For eg, in Sherlock Holmes, 'singular' was used in place of current word 'unique' and I think 'pray' instead of 'please' many times. You can use singular still but most of the times it seems out of place.

    I used to be very good at maths growing up and then I had a downfall. I have been fighting this demons for a decade now and if I score good enough marks then probably I can move on. I will tell you the whole story sometime later in the PMs. A little personal for me. Btw, what do you mean sick quite often, you mean like you used to get viral/cold often or something chronic? Just asking tbh, you don't need to tell if you don't want to.
    The English dub proved that's not what she meant. Direct translations from Japanese to English subtitles don't always translate things the right way
    Lol you left out Iris in your post xD
    And Serena didn't change her goal, she's doing contests to improve her skills further and to try to make people smile around the world before she challenges Aria again.
    Oh yes finally the big announcement which I keep forgetting to mention. I have started practicing Mindfulness Meditation and I am just loving it. I started on 15th of November and things just keep getting better. In the start it is awfully tough because you start to notice emotions that were already there all along and their strength is really scary. For almost two months I was always angry and sad and there wasn't even a reason for it. But little by little I have learned to see it differently. Now I can simply access them as feeling, not positive or negative but just feelings. They don't have as much control over me as they used to have once. Those two months in the start were scary but things change overtime. I am also more focused on the present these days. I don't think much about the past or anticipate the future. I am more mindful of my surroundings and I am seeing details in things I never noticed before which is a great help in my musical endeavor. I can go on but I think that's enough for now. If possible you should try it too. You can start by devoting 20 mins per day which isn't much if you think about it. There are many videos on youtube for guidance. And if you need help I am always here.

    Btw what is going on in your life. I have talking about myself for so long. What are you up to these days?
    We have a mixed economy too. It nice since we don't have to deal with the major drawbacks of capitalism and socialism but still some part of it always creeps in. It seems the problem this problem of 'wealth gap' is universal and I don't think there is a way to fix it. My sister thinks if there was a barter system then people maybe won't run after money so much but I suppose that will lead to hoarding and what not.

    Right now we can only hope for a better 'Anime' future and our only hope is the movie right now. Writers have sort of made it clear that they don't want anything to do with the older generation which is strange cause they keep bragging about the 20th century and what not only to not care about the people who made this franchise what it is today. I really wanna know about the Anime's ratings in countries outside Japan. Somehow it is still going strong in US after all these years but I am really interested in the numbers.
    I can't really complain about these new generation idea of going for a desk job. Everyone looks for a easier life and sometimes media does blind us into believing that that is a better life. This whole system is like reverse of monarchy. Those stupid people don't want to let go of their position cause life is easier for them while these people don't want to keep doing the same thing because who wants to put effort into things? I don't really blame these people either. It's just that these kinds of things take years to master and you can't just go and master them. The other side of the coin is the parents. They don't want people from outside of their family to learn the trade and are killing the whole art in the process.

    Maybe doing the same things as their parents is kinda baggage to the newer generation like a weight they have to carry. And it is not quite reasonable out of it. New generations always aim to break out of their parents ideology and I think our whole music industry is based on this kind of development. Sooner or later we will run out of things we see as art today. But maybe that is the circle of life no matter how sad it may seem. Out with the old new with the in.

    On the topic of rich people I have a small story to tell. Not really a story but still an interesting minute of my life. It was many years ago, I told my friend that Bill Gates donated a huge part of his wealth and Warren Buffet intends to do the same with 90% of his riches. My friend was like, why 'would they do that?' It was stupidly cute and I had no reply at that moment. I mean I could've explained to him how things worked or at least should work but somehow I didn't bother with it. There's a small relevance here. I believe most of the rich people in the world are like my friend. My friend might not be a rich guy but he had no idea how things work or how things should work.
    Right now I can't really focus on English to be honest. One of my minor is mathematics and even though I am really good at it the thing with maths is that it requires practice. No matter how good you are unless you keep working at it you will have a hard time with it. And I am talking about Advanced Mathematics so I need to start working now since the exam is only four months away now.

    About my friend, like I said, I don't know what to think about. I want to think positively like you hoping that he is just wrapped up in his own life and something comes up everytime we call him out but reality is not so forgiving. I have seen him act kind of withdrawn to us in the past. We attended one of our friends wedding few years back and he acted like he is putting up with a lot just to be there. It's not like he had anything better to do and he also took a few days leave from office but he acted like he was doing us a big favor. We haven't seen him since :p Although a friend did meet him in November when he went to his city for some important work. I thought that's the only way to meet him, go to his city on a Sunday or something but when we arranged to meet him on Christmas at his place he agreed at that time but when the day came he ignored our calls, three Sundays back to back. I want to think positively but somehow somewhere I have a feeling that it is a lost cause. We are trying very hard from our side but it's like he is not really interested anymore.

    I will let you know about my nationality but the problem is other people. I lost a friend because of it although I don't know how much of a friend he was if things like this bothered him. I will actually like to see you guess.
    Yes it is mostly the remakes which make the old Pokemon more usable. For example prior to gen 6 the usage was Kyogre>Groudon>Rayquaza but when gen 6 came out GF applied a nerf to the weather and since then drought and drizzle only last five turns but ORAS made them great again by giving them everlasting weather, at least till they are around. They broke (Mega)Rayquaza so much that we had to make a new tier(Anything Goes) and now usage goes like Mega Ray>Primal Groudon>Primal Kyogre. So these things go in cycle one after the other. Starmie and Gengar are the only two original Pokemon that have seen consistent use, others keep going up and down. But I think they need to keep updating Starmie. Poor thing has been running the same sets since last 20 years. It is worse for Gengar this gen since they took away Levitate.

    Yes that's the problem with second language, not having enough chances to speak with other people. That's also the advantage for people who travel to countries where it is the native language. They don't need to work on it as we do cause they are already talking it on regular basis. Watching English Movies and Shows help but still that doesn't cover the talking aspect. As for your brother I think I can help him. My sister knows Spanish too along with four other languages and she watches a show on Youtube which she thinks is really nice for Spanish learners.

    I haven't read lots of Mary Ann's work but the one I read was quite nice. I believe it is called 'The Mill on the Floss'. I read it many moons ago so I am a little short on the details but as far as I remember it was a nice story. The thing about her is that most of her Novels were unlike the books of her of her times. She believed that happy endings were unreal and were the weak points of most Victorian novels. The Novel that I mention shares the same sentiment, sorry for the spoilers XD.
    Too bad they have to stick to marketing.
    Yeah. I started to download the series onto my tablet just in case they're taken off of YouTube. And also the plot and scenery are amazing :3
    In your case I think the problem is similar in other EU nations too. Not ones like France and Spain maybe at least the ones that are smaller. It is not like countries like France are safe either since all we hear these days is people leaving Paris because of high taxes and low income. All we can do is hope that global economy will improve over time. I suppose we all know the problem behind it all though. If those rich people won't invest into economy instead of saving all their wealth then it is obvious economy won't improve. What is the situation of rich people in your area?

    Again coming to Pokemon, I think loyalty isn't something GF is aiming for. They think every generation people move on and the fanbase change at least this is what it looks like. And many people also believe that Anime is just a promotion for games, which might just be true, and in that case they will keep resetting things each gen just like they have done 5 times already.

    Well as a Misty fan you can hope that she will be back in the next movie. That's the least her fans deserve at this point.
    Agreed, my situation is a bit advantageous but sad part is I know I won't get to meet them until the end of this year and that too if I am fortunate enough to not be busy with something else. Some of my old friends are far more reachable than others. There is a friend who lives faraway who I get to meet once a year then there is a friend who lives and works nearby so we can meet every other Saturday but can't thanks to time constraints. There are other friends too but there is this one particular guy who lives closeby(next city to be exact) and I haven't met him in years. It seems that friend, if I can call him that anymore, don't want anything to do with us. He keeps telling us that we will meet this saturday then when it is time he would postpone to next saturday and so on so forth. I don't know what to think about that anymore. Btw I never told you my country, I like to keep that a mystery. :L

    You know things like bad economy are universal, I suppose. My country is also facing such issues. Some of the jobs were passed on from parents to their kids. It is not monarchy but instead a passing of skill set. Lets say the parents used to blow beautiful glass vase and it was their signature skill, like unique to their family. But now the young generation don't wanna learn that. They want stable jobs where they get to sit in a office rather than do the work their families have done for centuries. So a lot of old art forms are dying and it is also leading to unemployment cause there are more people looking for jobs now.
    Well Starmie is still a top tier mon but not as good as it once was. Still it is one of the original Pokemon that have consistently stayed OU and that is an quite incredible feat in itself. But as always new mons come and outclass the old mons, that's how the meta works.

    Your sentence structure is fine. The thing that matters with second or third or wtv language is that the learned need to keep practicing. It is not like our mother tongue which we speak on a regular basis. This happens to me a lot, I try to learn some other language and it takes its toll on my english writing/speaking skills. I have also heard that if you don't speak a second or so language for more than 5 years straight then you would have a really hard time with it, not talking advanced level even basics would suffer. Do you read books and stuff?

    Yes I am doing a distance course in English Literature. I have always been quite bad at it at the academic level and wanted to improve it. I have to submit my thesis by this years end. It is not a compulsory requirement but I think I should do it if I want to get better. Apart from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, I was thinking about George Elliot too. At this point I can take any direction I want because there is a whole year left to do it but keeping in mind my procrastinating skills I should hurry up a little. Leo Tolstoy is not an option since it is not English and tbh I have a love hate relationship with his work. I can never get past ~100 pages of War and Peace. :p I admire his works but it is too lengthy for me and every time I restart I begin at page 1 since I want to get into details rather than use my memory for it. Someday I will complete it at least I can hope.
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