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  • Yep, Greninja is certainly very strong and one of Ash's strongest Pokemon, but not nearly as strong as some people claim. It dealed many hits on Diantha's Gardevoir, sure, but based on circumstances I seriously doubt Diantha fought with full strenght. If it would be Champion level Pokemon, it wouldn't have lost to Alain's Charizard that way (as I said, I think Charizard still had quite a lot of strenght left when it defeated Greninja). I also think if Charizard would mega-evolve, it would easily surpass Ash-Greninja, and I don't even think it's impossible that even now Charizard would be stronger than Ash-Greninja. It has been so long since Ash's Charizard battled at full strength (thanks to XY skipping Ash's Charizard mega-evolving and Charizard's lack of focus in BW) that we don't know Charizard's full potential at the moment. I'm sure it's these days a lot stronger than it was when it defeated Noland's Articuno, though.

    By the way, I am now studying theology at University of Helsinki (Helsinki is a city in Finland where I live), and I still want to become a priest :)
    Yeah, that's very true about Misty, people usually just say Misty is a worse version of Iris or that she is so overrated and her fans suck. That really sucks. While my favourite Pokegirl is May, I also feel that Misty gets bad treatment in Serebii and I really like Misty too. These days most popular Pokemon series in Serebii are DP and XY, being constantly hyped as gold ages of Pokemon. XY generally gets too much hype in my opinion. While I haven't watched enough of XY to properly review it, my general opinion is that it had a lot of potential and I love how Ash was a better trainer again and more mature etc, but what really takes a lot of XY's goodness for me is it's lack of continuity, and NOT A SINGLE ONE OF ASH'S OLD POKEMON APPEAR. I'm a massive fan of Ash's many Oaked Pokemon so it really disturbs me.

    I strongly feel that OS, AG and DP were Pokemon's Golden Age (maybe OS was a bit better than AG and AG a bit better than DP but they're all very, very good series), but BW started Pokemon anime's huge downfall in my opinion. I'm honestly not even interested about Sun and Moon anime series that much, I follow on serebii what happens in it but I feel that I will only start to get excited about it if and when Ash wins the League (or whatever thing is in Alola) or better, some of Ash's Oaked Pokemon appear.

    Yeah, I can really see your points. I think Kalos would have been a great place for Ash to win a league if the league itself was handled properly. League lasting 10-14 episodes, Ash using many reserves, Ash mega-evolving Charizard, old characters appearing in flesh for the league or at least cameos about them watching and you have ingredients for an incredible league.
    Happy New Year, buddy.

    I wanted you to be my first online friend whom I wished but I forgot in the last message. :L

    I will reply to rest of the message soon. A little busy right now.
    Lillie is the best girl :3
    Seriously it looks like they're going to do something different with her that we haven't seen from the others
    At this point of the series it is obvious that all GF cares about is milking the games. And since the character of Misty doesn't appear in the latest games she has, sadly, no chance to be here. Gary has a chance since his game counterpart(Blue) does appear in the game at the battle tree, I think. Maybe they no longer care about the original fans. Like the expression goes in the States, they gave the middle finger to the original fans(ok I am not sure how the expression goes :L) I want to see more from old mons and characters too but it's like GF has given up on it, if they even cared about it to begin with. The best we will get would be a cameo from charizard, who is a cash cow. They didn't even show his old mons at the end of XY saga, what more can we expect?
    Well yeah I had a good time with friends and it is nice to have them over but sadly the way our lives are these days it isn't possible. But it is fine cause we can make new friends and then new memories with them and what's even better if we still get to keep our old friends. It is a good thing that my friends are still in the same country but that happens when you live in a big country. I live in the northern part of the country while one of my friends works in the southern part so it is not easy to meet him from time to time. If I hadn't talked to you I wouldn't have realized the advantage I have in my situation. It's sad that you don't get to meet your old friends but like you said there is not much we can do to change these type of situations.

    This is not the first time I have heard from you about the unemployment situation of your country. All I can do is hope that it will get better with time. EU's economy is down in the drain and whot knows when it will improve. How do you get jobs in your country? Do you have to appear for interviews and stuff or the government notifies you that jobs are available and you can join. In my country the employment process is quite simple. Either you appear for interviews if you want to work in the private sector or you have to appear for different exams for public sector. Both are quite tough to crack but the jobs are mostly(99%) permanent.
    Yes I have been quite busy and I suppose competitive battling is to be blamed. It is really addictive. I haven't really played SM yet since I don't have a 3DS cause I am a sorta broke :p Competitive battling is different. For a glimpse visit pokemon showdown and you will see. It is the place to be for Pokemon fans. People from all around the world visit the site and you don't have to be a battling enthusiast to be there. At least ~10,000 users are online there throughout the day and the numbers can reach around ~25,000 at peaks hours. Basically what we do there, apart from talking about Pokemon, is battle against each other. You can make a team and battle a random person or have a random battle which doesn't require you to make a team. Try it out, you might just like it.

    Let me tell you that your English just keeps getting better and better. Do you read a lot? Or talk to natives speakers quite often? I need to work on my English too. I have to write/submit a thesis by the end of next year and I haven't thought of a topic yet. I am sure in time it will come to me. I was thinking of criticizing Leo Tolstoy's work but he isn't a English writer. I am thinking of diverting my attention towards Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I have read most of his Sherlock Holmes work for fun and now I might get to use it which is a double plus.
    Speaking of overrated Pokemon, I do think Ash's Greninja gets a bit too much credit. It's definitely very strong and easily one of Ash's best, but it's not as strong as some people think. It's loss against Alain's Mega Charizard showed it still has a lot to learn and I definitely think there is still a big gap between Ash Greninja and Mega Charizard X. Sure, Greninja put up a good fight and showed awesome speed and power in that fight, but despite landing several hits on Charizard while only taking 2 or 3 itself, it still lost. On the other hand, it certainly looked to me that Charizard still had strength to endure a couple of attacks after Greninja fell, based on how it only mildly flinched at the end of their battle, no heavy breathing and how it had no trouble standing, while Greninja had to rely on Ash's shoulder. Not to mention Pikachu had already weakened Charizard with it's Quick Attack and Thunderbolt before it's fight with Greninja. These reason make me believe that Charizard is still considerably stronger than Greninja.
    That's nice to hear. :)

    Agreed, it's a shame how people underrated many characters, and sometimes people overrate some characters.

    By the way, what are your thought about Ash losing the Kalos League finals?

    In a way I'm sad about it. I've wanted Ash to win a league over 10 years (ever since I watched the Johto League when I was a child, I remember watching Jeanette battle from Kanto League before that but back then I didn't realize it was a league since I watched irregularly :p) so of course it sucked to see Ash losing in the finals, not to mention how title and summaries kind of teased us to think Ash would win.

    However, I mostly think it is a good thing Ash lost. Kalos League would have been pretty lame for Ash's first League victory. We only got to see 2 of Ash's battles fully, 2 rounds were totally skipped, no reserves, no cameos from older characters, no Delia and Professor Oak at the very least watching, no Mr. Goodshow etc. Ash winning the Kalos League would have been awesome at first, but in the end it would've left a bad taste in my mouth at least. I still think Sinnoh would have been a great place for Ash to finally win a league. Battles were great, Ash was at his peak (about equal with XY Ash, maybe a bit better or worse) and Ash used reserves regularly in the League.
    I am really sorry, can't believe I took seven months to reply. Procrastination is one of my major flaw that I am hoping to fix this coming year. And that's not the only thing I want taken care of. I have been busy with the competitive battling. All the new mons and changes that come with them always have a big impact on the competitive scene.

    So, are you still working with the disabled (or like the media call them these days the differently-abled) people? You must have gotten quite good at it by now. Coming year I gotta find myself a job as well cause I need a large amount of money by next years end. Not gonna be a fun filled year but who knows.

    Recently met my college friends and it was fun get together. Talking over IMs or e-mails isn't the same thing.Things aren't the same as they used to be but it's good to know that we can slip back from time to time. Hopefully I will get to meet them again before next Christmas. Do you get to meet your school/college friends often?

    What do you think about the SM Anime? I watched the first two episodes and they looked nice. But sadly BW started nicely too so I would say it is too early to judge this season. It was nice to see Ash mention his Tauros to the new gang. I am also liking the new mechanism of Ash being alone from time to time and getting to hang out with one classmate at a time. This way they can focus on one character at a time. Some people were speculating Gary's comeback but I don't know the reason why. Maybe if Gary comes back then Misty can have a cameo too. But one bad thing was the removal of Misty's lure from the canon. What do you think?
    Hi, how are you doing these days? Hopefully good. :)

    Sorry for not replying for your post in girls as battlers thread, I haven't had much time, but fortunately not I'm on a 3 week holiday. :)

    While I disagreed a bit with some of your post (which I explained in thread), I mostly agree with you that Misty is underrated as a battler. It's not her fault OS didn't focus so much on battles and when she battled she often did well, and Spell of Unown showed her in a much better light as a battler than Brock.

    Speaking of that thread, big reason why I wanted to post in that thread to your posts is that I've lately started to really like Ash's Kingler and I felt I wanted to defend it a bit, just like you (I think, though I can't know your reasons) wanted to defend Misty and her Pokemon. :D It's a shame it has been so under used, but based on what we've seen, it's a powerful Pokemon, like you also stated in that thread. I definitely think Kingler would still be one of Ash's strongest Pokemon if Ash would sometimes use it and train it, though based on what we've seen, Ash's Pokemon probably train at Oak's lab so maybe Kingler is still one of Ash's strongest Pokemon, though I would need to see Kingler in battle again before I would claim it still is one of Ash's strongest Pokemon.
    With the busy-ness of the holidays, I haven't had much time to message you back. D: I will be sending a reply soon, though.
    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and here's hoping to a better year than the last. :D Enjoy your time with family and friends this next week or so. :)
    Ikr? Lol
    I hope so too. I hate that they shafted her over Ash and Team Rocket, much like Serena actually.
    [Lol what about arceus the dragon/Alexander? XD]
    Lol poor Scott. It'd be hilarious if every pokegirl except May appears in this since her VA is sick xD
    Misty might appear!

    I dying... Our predictions turned out to be correct. Remember when we thought Pokemon would do something special for the OS fans to celebrate the anniversary? Yep. It's happening . This is the only chance for Misty to show up. I hope they don't screw it.
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