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  • Eh most of them are a fan of Ash, not Serena. They want Ash to end up with her but don't even care about her with what I've seen them post. It's one of the reasons why I dislike the Amourshipping fanbase so much.
    Ok fine I don't know know anyone, except for Hakajin, red-whatever her username is, and a few others xD
    Meh those amourshippers only care about the shipping, not Serena herself. There's only a few of us honestly. Everyone else just doesn't like her.
    I've seen Misty fans defend her during the past year to be honest.
    Everyone only praise Dawn and Serena while first pokemon girl is viewed as joke, demeaned and downplayed in her importance, story, pretty much everything.;( Its not any better on Bulbagarden or Pokecommunity either.
    I feel Serena is hated here honestly. I'm not sure if it's the same at bulbagarden, but she's even more hated on pokecommunity. I do think Dawn gets alot of praise though so I agree there.
    Omg, I just saw that the Misty Club is gone (probably from inactivity) from the Clubs forum. D:
    Don't worry about it! It takes me long enough to reply anyway. :p

    I really did try to give it a chance. But for the reasons you stated, I just wasn't interested. XY's characters were much more interesting from the start. Maybe it's because we didn't meet Serena right away, idk, which made her introduction more interesting. Meeting all of the new characters all at once and with nothing really standing out about them, I just wasn't impressed. :/
    Ah I agree. I'm wondering if people are still disappointed with the outcome of it and I might make a thread later on about it.
    So wow it's almost been a decade since the Wallace Cup. Do you think it's still a controversial topic to discuss with the way it ended?
    Just letting you know I watched the first two SM episodes. Like I thought, I'm not impressed. :/ I wish I wanted to watch, but eh, oh well. Maybe I'll be interested in the next series...
    The whole Pokémon series point was the problem tho since it's boring and repetitive and Ash was going nowhere. I'd rather have a change then go through another pointless gym and league quest.
    It's only Ash that changed tho, the other characters look similar to XY animation style. And I feel like these 5 will be main characters since they are listed in the series summary.
    Honestly I like this change alot better than the repetitive and boring gym and league quest. It's so pointless now since Ash will just fail in the end like he always does anyways. And plus if the series is entirely a school setting it'll possibly give the other characters more screentime since there won't be like 7+ episodes for Ash to take priority in.
    To me, XY and XY&Z offers the one real last chance to end with a bang for Ash's journey. He's at his best like never before, he has become a leader of the group instead of the focal kid, and has achieved new heights and power that no one has ever done. In my eyes, he has become a Pokémon Master by the end of the Winding Woods episode whether he knows it or not. And because I follow the anime for Ash's adventure, I wasn't too bothered by the lack of continuity references as Ash's independence and newfound progress was enough for me to say he is the same Ash that I follow and look how far he has come in these 20 years. Even if his past companions and Pokémon don't show up to congratulate him, at the very least the audience would finally cheer for the boy of Pallet and we could end his journey on an open ended note (as the road to being the best has no real end).

    As for Sun and Moon, it seems to be exhibiting a desperation to regain the young audience. Changing the genre of quests to a genre of school this late in the series is quite shocking to say the least. People say it's too late to change Ash for a new protagonist, but I'm surprised they haven't considered that the same thing could be said for the premise. And now it's changed for better or worse (we have yet to see). But all I can say is that two aspects of Ash's character are gone. He has lost his unique gloves despite having them for over 19 years (even his summer outfit had gloves) and he is no longer traveling to compete in Gyms or anything similar in favor of school. This is something a new character would benefit, not Ash. And there is a phrase to describe this change, though it might be too early to tell.
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