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  • You play wii u Smash? Would you be up to cutoms and equipment on, items on but low, 4 stock/time (depending on if players want to avoid waiting on sidelines for games to finish), with any stage allowed depending on lag (however no customs where you can't like get knocked out) multiplayer?
    Please, stop talking about thing that don't have to do with Generation V in the club.

    I'll make a club when the games get released, unless someone beats me to the punch.
    Could you please change your recent post in my club? It's got nothing to do with Generation V, as always.

    Since it would be rude to not answer your question you asked in my club, I'll just answer it here. I probably will make a Generation VI Club, but it would probably not be allowed until the Generation starts internationally. Posts in my club are supposed to be just about Generation V.
    Are you kidding me? Use a friggin spoiler tag for spoilers already! It's a lot easier. Do you want me to show you how to use one AGAIN?
    Thanks for posting in my club a lot, but do I need to show you how to use a spoiler tag? It would be more convenient than saying "Spoiler Alert!" and skipping a few lines.
    Don't worry, you're not in trouble, but if you're typing in the quick reply box, you do this to get a spoiler tag:

    Press "Go Advanced."

    Click "Spoil" on top of the message box and then you can type in what the spoiler tag would say outside of it. (I just put the * so you can see what to do.)

    [*SPOILER="ghhgddb"]Type your message you want spoilered in here.[/SPOILER]

    Hope that helps!
    PLEASE STOP ONELINING IN MY CLUB. I'm feeling generous, so I wont give you a warning for it (I believe it would be your second warning for onelining an since it is the same thing, it would be a two day ban). Don't worry about editing your post.
    Actually, never mind about the quoting. Just be sure to put spoilers in a spoiler tag and that whatever you type doesn't break the rules.
    You have to put topics that contain spoilers IN A SPOILER TAG. Stop quoting posts to answer a topic. Put the topic name in your thread and answer it LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. Don't worry about changing your post, just so you don't mess it up.
    In the future, it's easier to reply to someone's message on their own profile, so they know they you sent them a message.

    Also, just forget about all this. I could care less now. Just follow the rules for the future and have fun.
    Wow. Quoting my post doesn't count towards your own post to prevent one-lining, although I didn't put that in the rules, so you're off the hook. Read the rules and don't be so lazy next time.
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