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  • pineco is the first guy on my list, if you have a relaxed female that'd be perfect, if not you can just give me any pineco, next would be a modest female togepi or togetic, then a modest ditto, and last a modest abra w/ synchronize, any of those would do
    Well, if you're really living in Townsville, Australia, then you are 15 hours ahead of where I live. This is quite a difference... But, the trade is still possible - especially on Friday and Saturday. What range of time during the week (including Friday) are you available to trade?
    OMG, I'm finally back. I'm sorry for not having been online in so long. School really kept me away these past couple of weeks. But G.P.A. has been finalized, and only six more weeks till graduation! I should have more time to be online. How have you been?

    And, is the trade for that Spiritomb still available? Oh, that reminds me! I need to make you that other banner you requested... I'll try to do that tomorrow, as I come home early. ;]
    it would have been better if you asked nature earlier then.
    It has 31 iv's in special attack too incase you were wondering
    The Darkrai was one I obtained from an Event on my Diamond.
    Jolly was the nature.
    You have my FC? 1376 2476 8448 Kenegro
    meet you in there
    A Shiny Shaymin?! I didn't even think they were possible, unless you had Oak's Letter, which would mean it'd have to be Japanese... right?

    Well, that's the same way I feel about my Shiny Latias and Shiny Lugia - they're mine forever! Mwahahahaha! ... o_O?

    But anyways - yeah. So, just curious, but when should I be expecting your availability to trade? (I don't mean to sound hasty if it seems that way - I just want to be ready when you're ready. ;] ) And oh, I'll be finishing up your Atori banner soon - I found some great pictures of him. Seeing him just makes me happy - if you know what I mean (only when he's not all killer evil and what-not).
    Ah, female - that will work out perfectly then. And I was just wondering - aside from the fact you said you would give me one, I was just wondering why specifically that one - it shouldn't matter, though - I always wanted a Shiny Spiritomb, and never thought I'd get one like this. XD
    Yeah, that's fine - no rush. Still trying to figure out a new name for Spiritomb. But I have to ask, is there something about the Spiritomb that makes you want to give it away like that - even after partially effort training it?

    And another side question - Is the Spiritomb male or female (if you can remember)? That might help me decide a name - yeah, random question.
    Oh no, no - don't worry about it - I didn't think you were going scam me. I just figured you were busy, or had something else to do at the moment. I wouldn't be surprised if there was more to your life in Australia than trading. ;]

    But yeah, whenever you're ready, I'll be here.
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