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  • If you are recieiving this, it is because you nominated someone in season 8 of Pokemon Big Brother. Where would you like to see the series go? I have the story planned out to the end of Story 3. Should there be a hiatus after Story 2, Story 3 or should we continue but just not do any story and have the seasons after have no story?

    I would personally prefer going until Story 3 and then dropping the story for while, maybe forever. I am just doing to gather the thoughts of all who would like to give me there opinion. I can not improve PBB if you do not answer. It doesn't have to be a long answer, just an answer.
    From what I've heard dolls tend to come late overseas. They're also apparently more expensive there too,

    I have several Apples and Ravens. ^^; I told myself I wouldn't buy multiples of the same character, but that went out the window. My favorite EAH doll has to be Royally Ever After Apple. My favorite characters are Maddie, Duchess, and Daring. I didn't care for Duchess at first, but she's grown on me.

    The Epic Winter dolls are alright. They cut some accessories, and of course molded on tights, but I like the faces. I'm waiting for them to go on sale before I get more of them. I don't like what they did to Daring's doll because...

    MOLDED PLASTIC LEGS! The poor guy can't bend his legs either. :(

    I feel the same. :)

    You should. It's on Netflix if you have it.
    I lost count of how many EAH dolls I have. xD

    I got into EAH because I like Once Upon a Time, and Apple reminded me of Emma. (Blonde daughter of Snow White) I stayed for the story and pretty dolls. I didn't care about MH at first because it was just teenage high school drama, but the characters happened to be monsters, while EAH had an actual story. Then I watched the webisodes because I had seen all the EAH ones, and collected some pre reboot dolls (Draculaura, River Styxx, Luna Mothews)

    I like the reboot personally, but I came into Monster High late, so maybe that's why I'm not as concerned about the reboot as others. I think the new faces are adorable. <3 (And I've bought the new Frankie, Draculaura, and Ari)

    I still haven't seen Epic Winter yet, even though I have plenty of opportunity to do so, and I don't like what they did with the Daring doll. :/
    In the hospital game, are we meant to post questions for patients in the thread, or in private to you?
    You can have a priority nomination if you would like. This ensures that you will not miss sign ups for season 7 no matter what.
    I am sending this to you because you have nominated in "Pokemon Big Brother" before. Season 6 nominations are now open. If you would like to not be informed of this in the future, please let me know.

    But, feel free to nominate if you would like! This is a new season with a brand new story!
    Let me tell you my vague plan for this plot I'm developing.
    The foretold citizen is Nigel. It all depends on his decision to get stronger and braver. Tris may or may not lead the fight. Ray will probably train him, while Tris prepares the other brave Pokemon for the battle. Please tell me what you think and if you would like, discuss it with Infernobat.
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