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pokemon special

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  • Okay, the first problem I have: Considering how obtaining money currently is, the items are extremely expensive, especially since they only increase one stat.
    Second: There need to be a few more stat increasing options. For example, different tiers of armor, perhaps.
    starting to not like how this works <_<
    Everybody seems too o.p with potions that can do ANYTHING. So basically everybody can use them for any quest -_-
    If that is how you wanna do it, can I use the Skyrim alchemy ingredients? I can give you a list of them after I have, like, pokefied them. I already know that whole potion/poison brewing system so it'd just be easier
    For the most part if I use a potion outside of challenges and combat it is because I can see no other way to forward plot or just because I want to contribute an idea, not just have her sit and twiddle her thumbs until the plot progresses, or it is to defend her. Like the whole thing with Zang, she kept getting picked on and pushed for no reason at all and it was getting irritating so I felt that I had to go overboard to make up for it by giving her a huge mega evolution. Then when oh look he stole her stone I was just sick of it so I gave her the other one too. She was never originally going to have either but I was tired of her getting bullied.
    I know, and I am actually cool with that. I'v always wanted to write for an insane character, so I'm just having her ask for it (hence yelling at Nigel).
    I was actually going to mention that in one of my later posts (Probably from Ella since we haven't seen much of her in this chapter, but she played such a huge role in last chapter that I thought I'd give her a break)
    But something just snapped in Kevin, and I can't wait to see how her alter-ego develops.
    If that is the case I would only have them cost money during quests, unless it is like with the whole challenges thing because a lot of players rely on their characters' weaponry to complete them. When it comes to the RP thing I consider the potions as part of Rinni and her abilities. I have to go I will finish later, k?
    I wish that too.

    How about Kevin and the patrat form some kind of...bond which makes the killing a bit more justified than YOU DRAGGED ME BACK TO THE PLOT WHICH WAS NEEDED SO WE COULD CONTINUE, YOU DIE.
    It's HM02 seriously.

    I'm fine with killings but as a writer watching 'em go about this is just atrocious.
    I think it is unfair because now people who have said since signing up that this is how their characters use weaponry now have to pay to do that when people who use knives or such do not. As for potions being random and giving unfair advantages in RP, I don't see how that is because each Pokemon has special abilities that you could see as unfair advantage, such as any character with wings flying. I was so opposed because I was in a bad mood. I'm still bothered by the argument for it, but I sort of see what you mean. I just don't think it is fair to drop that on us. No one had a problem with Rinni gathering natural ingredients before so I don't see why they do now.
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