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  • Schodinger's Raichu is a brilliant paradox Max that falls into logical sense in this context yes.

    Well I just so happen to come up with ideas a lot. Even one's that aren't for RP'ing. And because of that I have friends I tell my ideas to a lot. I'd love to be a friend like that.
    Well, I like to think of it as a different timeline of Po. Same universe though. Just because that is more fun for me.

    Tis the down side of being a writer. Hate your work even if it's good.
    Hey, least you can do is tell me cos I'll tell ya if it's good or bad and help develop it.
    I see! I got Skyrim aswell, but didn't playit much and donlt like it, I want one story line, not millions of quests. >_<

    Make a profile for yourself, create your own characters, do missions, races, robberies and other stuff for RP (Reputation Points/ EXP) and money. Use money to buy own vehicles etc, use the exp. to rank upand unlock items to buy!
    I have trouble keeping with ideas cos I think all of em are terrible. Problem with being a writer.

    I never thought I'd see Po again. I mean...he's dead. And has been for 4 years.
    Yes I am, GTA Online is the multiplayer of it.

    It's such a goodgame to me, I love such open world games! It also looks beautiful! But you don't hear it much ahout it, since it isn't 'new' anymore, you know?
    I get attached to ideas I just don't allow them to have an impact when they're wrong. Like I will develop ideas to completion then BAM something ruins it.

    It will always do that. Should be fun making it now, 6 years after the first one started.

    Yeah, well maybe Cookie could be Lady Capulet eh xD
    I like the speculation tbh. I think it's fun making plots up for all these things to happen even if they don't happen. Hell something like that could change Axil's view. Maybe he will want to let Skylar die in some way if the quest given was good enough.

    Again, forever together through space and time. Like a cheesy sci-fi love story just with a bit better writing.

    I think I'd probably be one of the one's in love. Or one of the leaders of the club so I'd be like Lord Montague in it.
    Ahh that's alright then. I think that the idea of her wanting people to join but not joining would be a really good plot idea if the payoff is good. Also yeah, maybe I'll do the Shakespeare plot some time.

    I think Skylar should be killed MUCH later on.
    Maybe by a second coming by one of my villains. Just a thought. First time he comes by Jon gives mercy by letting him live in isolation. Second time not so much.

    SOMETHING LIKE THAT but like not as a joke. Ugggh.
    I like my new Sign Up. Should be fun to develop him tbh.
    If there's anything you shouldn't interject in it should be pretty obvious. You could just walk up to a character nd say hi. Say hi to my characters! They might bite but they'll at least interact.
    I think Cookie starting a club like that would be fine just...don't know if anyone would join. Honestly I think an interesting idea would be a Shakespeare club with two sides who disagree on what Romeo and Juliet is meant to be interpreted as, and then having two of the characters (one from each side) falling in love.

    It does deserve time but a lot of plots/quests do. This current one seems a bit off. Might just be that the intro said "losers who took my son" which just makes it lose a bit of the...idk...it makes it sound less serious to me. Like the bandits will just be these really weak 'mons.

    Well that'd be fine. Although it'd have to be modulated (like we don't want ALL plots to be accepted cos there will be at least one bad one suggested)
    I see! Maybe you should do plots in PH, it'll keep you active!

    About 3 days. xD And yes, it's a VERY good remake, it keeps everything the same, only with a Seikah Stone to help you further with hint videos, and great graphics! I finished OoT 3D, so yeah. :p
    I agree! I should be friends with more peeps of PH, though! ^^;

    Oh, that's nice! I'm just browsing through the internet, still waiting on Majora's Mask 3D's release. :p
    You stand as an RP'er. As such you have to introduce characters and form plots for your characters with other members. As it's a High School setting it shouldn't be like plots from PC or PPT. Hell, even from Degrassi.

    That sounds good. I think it'd be best if I could develop it a bit more in that time and like fully fledge it. Right now it's 2 ideas forming 1 quest but it would do better with a few more quests too.

    Hey might start a little bit of an ongoing thing for writing quests. Might get people to write their own quests too.
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