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Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius
Last Activity:
May 6, 2020
Jan 8, 2011
Likes Received:
February 29

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Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius

Well-Known Member

Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius was last seen:
May 6, 2020
    1. Kai*
      hey, just wanted to say hi and see how you are doing. i hope that they put that pokemon following you option back on the next pokemon game!
    2. sophmeister
      Hi! I'm learning Silent Night on recorder!
    3. Miss Alexis
      Miss Alexis
      giratina ally is my iv tutor ^^ hes helping me with everything ty anyway :p
    4. Miss Alexis
      Miss Alexis
      because i got tossed around the tournament and around my clan XP
    5. Miss Alexis
      Miss Alexis
      lol acually i really suck at battling :p
    6. cheetochee
      nothing sigh
    7. CoolTrainerFoxx
      Aahh! What's it about? And ok, hahaha. How about you??
    8. olivianrose
      Bye Dear! Have a nice day! :D
    9. Victini01
      Hey. I'm fine, thx. What about yourself?
    10. Miss Alexis
      Miss Alexis
      congrats :) be sure to battle your maid here sometime, i can reassure you that id be the victress ^^
    11. SilentStormfall
      Ah well it's okay, we just had some tests last week. I'm on holiday now for two weeks though so I'm just chilling~
      What about for you? :3
    12. iSketchy
      It's a Pokemon roleplay site :3 Using forums(;
    13. pokemon491 FTW
      pokemon491 FTW
      I've known most of them since 6th grade,and they have all corrupted me in some good way.xD
    14. larry618
      my friends think i've gone soft because last year i use to beat the hell outa anybody and say wat i felt and never take my words by i stand by wat i say so yesterday this guys just kept saying stuff to this girl and everyone started looking at me for me to do something because normally i'll stand up for a girl whose getting picked on by a guy so i got up after 1 minute of stares and pushed him away from her and told her to move next to me so then if he mess with her again i'll beat his *** so after that my friends tell me i've gone soft cuz last year i would've just beat his *** without warning but now to what happened yesterday this girl named martrice is always talking about people and me and this other girl named shanice were talking and these girls came over and told us martrice was talking about her and shanice is just like me she likes to fight anyone and everyone and this gave her a reason to fight martrice but i don't wanna let them fight cuz if i do martrice is gonna get her *** kicked but i don't know how to stop it cuz shanice is a monster when it comes to fighting and its hard to stop her im gonna try but i doubt its gonna work so somebody is gonna get their *** kicked so wats new with un
    15. SilentStormfall
      Yep, I have just one though x3 Oh alright then! Have a good day at school x3
    16. SilentStormfall
      Haha, well any tips on how? Like I said I'm really bad at the games x3
      I know! It's just like two legs>two legs> four legs. And for Snivy it was two legs> two lets > No Legs. And for Tepig it's four legs> two legs >two legs.
      Lol yeah!
      Gamer: Yes my Oshawott's evolving.
      Message: The evolution has been interrupted.
      Gamer: What!?!? I didn't press B. I DIDN'T PRESS B!!!! - what the...? I never gave Oshawott an everstone!
      Yes <3 Another reason why I chose it x3
    17. olivianrose
      lol! really? wow... I really really don't like it at all =_=
    18. SilentStormfall
      I was debating whether to pick Oshawott or Snivy at first but in the end I thought that I'd prefer a Serperior to a Samuwott. I always evolve my starter to its final stage x3
      That's cool :"D I'm torn between training my Pokemon to higher levels or working towards the Pokedex.
      Haha well not 'easily' but I'm getting there. I've never trained any of my Pokemon to lv. 100 ever. /the shame/ I don't know how everyone does it. Maybe I just don't have the patience xD
    19. olivianrose
    20. olivianrose
      Hello, Hello! Am Doing good, what about you? :D
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