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Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius

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  • Hey! its been a loong time lol
    im good, hub? Did u get ur Marshadow?

    are u excited for the new pokemon games? im soso atm because not new besides Lycanroc and some ultrabeast that we'll prob wont be able to get until late game haha
    WHOOH! I already mentioned who I like now in resent comments?! what. I thought i didn't talk to you for years. never mind then :p
    "Sorry to keep you waiting!"

    Oh, gushing over a new fictional crush xP aha... Umn and not much else? Yeah, i duno what to say o.o; *blink*
    it was really nice! going to the lake is so relaxing! it was a bit cooler than expected but still enjoyable! how was your summer?
    Well I beat kingdom Hearts one almost done with 2 played a bit of birth by sleep some decided and some dream drop unfortunately they don't have the actual game of 358/2 days or recorded haven't touched re chain of memories yet but I love them just can't play them for long currently because I got my husband into then and playing them makes me miss him more he's currently in jail for something that wasn't his fault
    Guess what I got a ps4 yesterday and all the kingdom Hearts games yayyyy
    hey! well now it's summer so everything is great! lol i hope you are enjoying your summer!
    hey! it's been a kinda stressful month. some things at work haven't been great but things will turn around. sorry for responding so late. how have you been?
    Hey about my last post. I'm really enjoying it here!!

    crushing on korrina. what i usually do :p i even hanged out with her on my y lol and showed her my skating for about fifteen minutes :) skating on pokemon is fuuuun...
    Yeah i'm not so into forums anymore too addicting and filled with people who could upset me.

    Even though i don't recall many people upsetting me here.
    i am not very far in the game at all. i think the game is okay, so far everything is kinda "meh" to me but, like i said i haven't gotten far in the game.

    to answer the other questions you asked before; bulu just looks funny to me. i am not a fan of the soundtrack. the music is really annoying! i like pokemon y better so far.
    I see your point lol but I can't even play sun or moon anymore I traded in moon to gamestop for gas money and someone stole my Pokemon sun game so I only have my omega Ruby left its kinda sad since I wanted to play sun the other day because I was bored. I want to play a pokemon game or Kingdom hearts I have been wanting to play a kingdom hearts game for almost a whole year now XD
    Yellow was hard because you were constantly running out of room for items and the legendaries were actually hard to catch as well lol. I got both sun and moon I chose litten for moon and Rowlet for sun. What are your reasons for not liking sun and moon?
    Just don't like them as much I miss the challenge of the old games like yellow and I think they could have done better I only really like the new wolf Pokemon XD that's good did you get anything good for Christmas? And mine was OK I guess
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