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Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius

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  • They don't have to say it I can tell most of the time whenever they talk behind my back and people wonder why I am so distrustful of them.
    yeah yeah maybe i have something called taste
    (i have thE PERFECT GIf4 this i will get it later anD EDIT THIS OUT)
    I'll let you figure that one out I am not as stupid as people think I am ;(
    Ok lol dude I will choose to believe you on this even though I know otherwise
    Yeah only members of the club can see the posts because that is what I have it set as.
    so all the perverted girls flocked to your side, begging for your soul, but you choose to try and pursue a non perverted butt face that you've never met before.
    GJ n really going places in your life.
    i must be stopped before i get2 sarcastic
    What do you expect I just started it this morning I have only one member besides myself so far lol but it is picking up and you can't see any posts because you aren't a member I would invite you but sadly I think you would decline.
    thanks. i ask because there is add on tv that says australia is the only place where the fast food restraunt mcdonalds is shorten to maccas. do you always call mcdonalds mcdonalds
    They have only failed because you were there to stop it and because our friendship is too powerful for her to understand. I am pretty sure she has several ideas that might work offline without you to interfere in her plans she has tried several times to get Mat angry at me already but she still doesn't understand the concept of how strong friendships can be or how powerful love can be.
    Yeah I have saw some of her cussing fits but I can't say anything when I just started cussing I did the same thing and used it to fuel my negativity on ZU I was far more negative on there then I ever was on here. I cuss occasionally on here when I get angry as well. It drives me crazy so in a sense me and Deciever do have some similarities. She reminds me of some of the characters in my book with all her revenge theories.
    Lol true dat so creepy she is a major stalker what I did to her wasn't my fault I think her hatred is going to destroy her one day.
    I am already blinded by fear so don't you think it would be better to be blinded by confidence?
    Because he acts nothing like Deciever, he has no grudge against me except calling me creepy because he thinks I am his stalker. Deciever doesn't know every forum I am on and she defiantly doesn't pay as much attention to me as she says she does.
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