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Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius

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  • [gamer gurrrl in her natural habitat; xbox live]
    "silly guys! stop hitting on me!! teehee~!"
    gomen friend i must go
    [descends into the heavens]
    no not just gamer girls.
    gamer gurrrls.
    the one's that think that they're better than every single other girl just because they play vidya games.
    the one's that think they're so unique. wow! girl!? play...gaem!?!?!? woa inspiration!
    the one's that shame other girls for, omg, wearing make up???? dresses??? being...GIRLY???
    ....you know what i mean?
    Oh great you guys are always telling me to get more confidence and when I get it you tell me to be less confident
    Well he knew exactly what other forums I was on(no its not Deciever) he knew my name, which I told very few people, and when I confronted him about it he said he never mentioned it I have the Pms and he says he has no idea what certain things are but previous posts in threads tell me otherwise. :/
    Oh believe me I know he said some things to me that I have only told a select few people and all the facts point it out even though he tries to hide it with lies previous posts tell the truth.
    Like if it was a friend lying to you! Some guy on another forum I know who he is and he keeps stating obvious lies if you know how to look.
    Depends on what? I admit that was indeed a very random question and I asked it because I know someone that is lying to me.
    Dang you. Honest question if you believed someone was someone that you knew and all facts pointed to that being the person and they deliberately lied to you and you knew they were lying to you would you confront that person?
    I Momma Mia I cannot explain what you ask because you are the one who said it.
    You are making my brain go into hyperdrive with all this thinking involved
    Are you sure you don't read minds?
    Dude you confuse the heck out of me sometimes and you basically just told me that you did.
    You are Deo that's how lol you can never understand how I think so don't even try you might hurt yourself

    You know what I mean
    I just figured since you told me to block her that you had already blocked her yourself and I guessed right apparently
    :/ crazy Deo

    Oh it's easy really you are too kind too avoid talking to anyone and I know you talked to her then she showed her true colors and you decided to block her.
    You make it very hard to tease someone
    Only ok dang I worked hard on revising it and changing it :(
    Well good mission accomplished
    Do you still talk to Deciever?
    Ok I was just teasing you though
    What do you think of my other profile?
    Ok answer accepted I ask out of curiousity because I am just curious.
    I stay up late because I have to I am nocturnal and thus am hyper and alert at night whereas I am tired and less alert during the day. Does that answer your question?
    That is odd then may I ask why?

    Yeah it just kept reminding me of something painful and negative so I revamped it to suit how I wanna be and let me tell you it is way better then this profile
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