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Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius

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  • ew
    n really is a pervert
    leg pains are nothing compared to it.
    leg pains are occasional (not sure how often you get them gomen)
    periods come eVERY MONTH YOU FRICKER
    wtf who's interested in bleeding females
    [cincinno questioning u]
    Sure thing! :) Is there any way you could nickname them? I am getting jirachi ready and getting my FC :3
    Haha yeah we should. I'm already calling it, it's the greatest group of all! ;D
    Wow!! Thank you so much!! Seriously, I have a jirachi to trade you or something for 1 of them? I feel so bad giving you just regular pokemon for my favs!
    periods are...just imagine really bad cramps, mood swings, blood, everywhere, just...down there.
    ew why did you let me explain this to you?
    i'm sure being a guy isn't that bad (if you do decide to be a butt and defend your gender don'T GET GRAPHIC PLEASE)
    woa that's gumo. (male ver. gumi)
    R U SURE
    YOU HAVE NO IDea (and im not going to explain ew)
    WHat makes you think I CAN'T BE ManlY??
    r u sure
    can you take bleeding internally for 7 days straight
    having a living incarnation of satan live inside you for 9 months
    can u really
    if a girl can take all of that then sure as hell i can be a boy
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