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Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius

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  • Merry Christmas and I have both of them but don't really like them planning on selling one to a friend and keeping one just to breed and stuff and keep up with the times lol how was your Christmas?
    No worries :) Yep! I have Sun. I haven't played much of it, sadly. Been busy with work and all that. Hopefully I'll get into it more over the weekend!
    Well, it's only a natural response, right? I'm friends with two people from here on FB, so naturally my relationships with people on here have drifted.
    That's correct :) I'm not a fan of it at all... lol XD I'll be keeping it as Torracat, at least I like that evo!

    Same here. I can't wait to eat all the good food! Happy Thanksgiving Deo! :D
    to be honest i don't like the concept of the alolan pokemon. i like the vulpix/ninetails, sandshrew/sandslash, marowak and rattata designs though.

    hm, my favorite tapu... i like them all except bulu.
    Yep, I was all over the leaks! I had to know what I was getting into... lol XD

    I hope you've been doing well Deo! It's been a while since we last talked. What have been you up to lately?
    i don't mind cutscenes as long as they don't hinder you trying to get a pokemon or something along those lines. an example: i got a shiny story mode latios in the omega ruby game, but i hated that cutscene i had to do before getting to see if it was shiny or not.
    i don't care at all about the ultra beasts. they are confusing to me and i don't get what they are suppose to be or why they are even in the game in the first place.
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