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  • Unfortunately, I haven't played Shadow The Hedgehog.
    At least I could try it out.
    It seems to be an interesting game. I had almost bought it but somehow I didn't.
    I don't even know why.
    yep, i just downloaded it last night. lol it's been awhile since i've played. oh yeah there was one for the gameboy too. akko and i just got the ds lite before those came out so we got the ds ones
    um i think so. it's the one where you can download a demo on the 3ds, right? i played the very first one that came out on the ds lite. haven't played them since.
    Ummmmm.............. it was somebody in the Count to 60 before someone with less than 20 posts posts.
    But I don't remember who it was xD
    But yeah, sure! I like getting friends ^^
    I really liked it, too! And I wrote down the pattern as I made that one, so I can make another exactly like it~~
    No! Hahaha. You're the second person to think it's a Sharpedo, actually xD It's an Articuno~ A very chibified one.. but an Articuno nonetheless xD
    How's saying they are too lazy to text back a problem?

    Sorry took so long to reply back mom came picked me up and then I had to drop off some checks at the bank and we stopped at the grocery store.
    Did you see the ones in my sig? ^^
    Plus I have more on my DA account which is also linked in my sig :3
    They texted me in reply to me asking them how they were doing friends are real jerks sometimes.
    Yeah right the told me they were ignoring me because they didn't feel like talking to me.
    I know you have been busy and I am sure Mat was busy but all the reason gave me stupid excuses.
    Because I can tell when I am being ignored and some of them told me so.
    My friends the ones I care about the most are the ones that are ignoring me the most.
    Real life or online? Real life I just have been chatting about things I wanna do and things that are happening. Online friends I have been chatting about things I wanna do and people that I wish would pay more attention to me and such.
    Sorry it took so long to reply back I had to be at work at 10-3 but they were short on people so they asked me to stay till 5 and did you call my phone?
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