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Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius

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  • Damn such a late reply>< soo sorry too much has happened and yeah it's been a long time.

    The signature is soo adorable and that's why I don't want to part with it. :3

    So how have you been?
    I found out that there were name changes here while I was away, did you change yours? Because N had actually only just been revealed for a short while before I was gone if I remember correctly. I remember them mentioning that he was a "mysterious young man" who may or may not be involved with Team Plasma. Something like that anyway, and he's one of Pokemon's most iconic characters now!

    Speaking of which, your banner is flawless. Where did you get it from? I felt so excited when first playing White and N asked to go on the ferris wheel together. :D
    Woops, I didn't know charm is a fairy move now. My Eevee evolved into Sylveon at last. Still thank for accepting to help me. ^w^
    hey sorry I haven't been only lately was debating suicide and needed help from friends
    hey I was wondering if you could help me get a fairy type move on my Eevee. I really want to use a Sylveon for my third badge but I don't have access to the move reminder yet. TT_TT
    I'll even send my Eeeve with a heart scale so you wouldn't waste one of yours.
    I'd understand if you don't have the time though. ^w^
    Oh, hello! You're name isn't familiar to me but I see you left me some happy birthday messages. Thank you for those and the welcome back. :)
    I'm in glittering cave right now. My oh my the graphics are sooooo good in this game!! ^w^
    Haha, I love tigers! I really like the white tigers, that aren't what people consider normal but I think they are way more beautiful than the regular ones.
    How are you?! We haven't talked in a long time!
    I still pop on from time to time XD
    I would be more active, but I find I can't contribute much, especially when it comes to trades and battles...
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