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  • That's good! :) Oh nice, what song is your favorite? Sacred Stones? Not sure If I've ever heard of that :eek: I used to watch One Piece when it was on Toonami. I never got back into it after that, there are too many episodes now! lol XD I've been good thanks! Still busy taking care of my niece and working, August has been really busy for me
    funny story when we went to dinner that night. my mom, sister and niece came out with us and she told the waitress that the "birthday girls" would order first. so when the dessert came out, there was only a candle on akko's. she thought it was only her birthday since she ordered first. XD but akko kept the candle and re-lit it when we got home for me so i could blow it out. lol :p
    please don't worry about it! *hug* and thank you very much! :D akko and i had a great day!
    Walking home. I got called in to work cause my boss had a emergency yesterday and couldn't make it. So today we had to readjust all the kids work. Which was quite a simple task. Gahhh now I have to do homework once I get home.
    Missed your message again. No wonder I why you don't reply. Gosh me. I'm horrible at replying.
    I'll color you yellow and tell them not to eat the yellow snow. And no you won't be called mr frosty you'll be called...ummm, lol I dont know. Haha
    Not at all. I'll just stick you in the freezer and in no time you be looking like a Popsicle.
    Edit: lets go with snowman that way no one eats you.
    you really should! and have a box of tissues ready! lol well i'm gonna go, ttyl! :D *hug*
    well kinda. it's a really powerful anime, i got hooked right away. it's just a really good story!
    lol yep! it's really a good anime, although i don't like to watch it much cause it makes me cry every time! haha :p
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